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*How do I style BOTH a map and a table?*

I'm using the Map/Table view, and I realized (by accident) that I could get some nice styling on the table (even though the examples only seem to allow styling on the map tooltip).

I've styled the table as I want it, but now I can't figure out how to get the map tooltip to display anything other than the address, which isn't very helpful. And I can't find documentation about how to do this.

Can someone please help me understand how to set up the template in order to style BOTH the map and the table?

Here's the AT: Here's the template sheet:

Thank you (et merci) in advance.

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Greetings, community. I've been using AwesomeTable to great effect at for some months now, with no problems. But a few days ago, the AwesomeTable features stopped loading on Firefox 49.0 on my computer (Ubuntu 16.04). It works fine on Chromium on my computer, and others seem to not have this problem in Firefox. It's not a plugin issue, because I get the same behavior in Firefox Safe Mode. What might I be missing? Again, it has worked fine with the same configuration for months.

Any suggestions? Thank you so much in advance.

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