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James “Time Travel Wish” Mason
James Gray Mason conducted an experiment on html in November of 2014 and got far more than he ever expected.
James Gray Mason conducted an experiment on html in November of 2014 and got far more than he ever expected.


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Now visible! We can ALL have #hope in our future. Unless you insist on SHAKING HANDS w #God 😎 #faith #salvation #timetravelwish

Image: collage of 4 objects of evidence within the Google image that was selected first the moment Time Travel Wish was created on a personal weblog: Objects 4/6: to the Identity of the Target, James Mason, the experimenter. SUCCESSFUL BEFORE I had the idea to go ahead and do it!

Twitter profile:
MOST AMAZING ACCOUNT EVER ➡️ #TIMETRAVEL-COMM experiment: SUCCESSFUL B4 CREATED, 11/25/14. #Contact PUBLIC ➡️ 4/28/16 🇯️ames 🇲️ason #HOPE #Sol3 @EndAllSuffering

#timetravelwish #interdimensional #Sol3 #spacetime #information #cosmos
#JamesGrayMason #1stcontact A#1 #JamesMason #Sol3

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August 14, 2017: Time Travel Wish: Deductions, so clear, I'm disappointed with myself of not seeing it 2 years ago:

The main message from Ava Braun's images is: I'm taking you to Hitler. I'm showing you what he did. Where he stayed.

Hypothesis; Ava Braun lived on well beyond Adolf Hitler and became interested in time travel and time capsules and created this entire image, along with the help of scientists in her homeland, to be the target’s validating tool as a matter transferred has succeeded.

2. More likely: in keeping with the preciousness of efficiency and committing to the purpose of a breach across a dimension, when/where the team can accomplish many things if they communicate to the target as much as possible about the mission ahead. In my case, a mission I did not know I was committing to. Her images are being used by the Team of timeline A. To further warn me - a flaming liberal democrat - of the threat of nationalism to progress in this world.

This is one of those important and efficiently packed communications regarding the threat of nationalism as opposed to liberalism and globalism as our future as progress.

some tweets/notes:

Topic approaching: 1) The image: #Hitler: #AvaBraun the photographer: the escape reenacted for her. She lives on. Makes a #time capsule.

2) Topic approaching. It’s very arian. ☹️: #AvaBraun : avid photographer: the #Hitler Image: component: all her. >

3) #Hypothesis: The entire television and 35mm picture display is her shout-out to us in the future. That’s the South American continent to her right. #Nationalsocialism is the major threat!

4) She did favor a V neck blouse for many occasions and the sweater vest fashion as casual and so she may be the woman in the old television set.

5) Many consistencies favor this hypothetical: Can’t see the face fully, but the jawline and hair width/style is a match.

6) She would have known to stand on the front bumper to take this image of him driving away with the bunker in background. No telephoto/zoom!

7) Her shoulders match her famous portrait, if considering, elbows rested on desk as she faces camera. Wearing similar fashion matrl/color.

8) German connections/clues, throughout image; consistent with an important to history communication, cooperating motivations in 1 mission.

More on Successful before it was created.

#timetravel #interdimensional #prescience #sol3 #timetravelwish

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Is: Analogous: episode of #DrWho where woman enters old house; peels wallpaper, finds message to her - from #timetraveler in her past:

The image is placed by team B, as matter transference in time behind the agent to lead him, as the target to become, to revealment of success for the team of timeline A - and for the physical team of B - here now.

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These are image copies of my college transcripts throughout 4 years from 1992 - 1996.

I will defend that these transcripts represent the following of myself:

1. I am capable of learning a great deal.
2. I am capable of intense intellectual study for years on end for many hours per day.
3. I have have expressed curiosity and exhibited understanding of varied fields of humanities and science studies.
4. Like millions of people I was forced by economic and or lifestyle dilemma to leave my college graduation goals and have been unable to reacquire that path.

8 full course load semesters, 3 summers, 2 summers working in my field of study; several political projects on the side lines:

What you see is liberal arts prerequisites and university transferable pre medicine courses, including and not limited to anatomy, physiology, microbiology, chemistry, nutrition, psychology and etcetera to beef-up my application to 2 Nursing schools of my choice, where I was accepted 2 years after beginning that goal.

I spend approx 10 per day on campus, either in class on in the library.

I asked 2 parents for $800 to get me through another semester and that request was met with silence. Perhaps they did not believe me, that I was excelling, and I needed to send them documentation?

Observe those GPA's while taking on more than full course loads.

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The Alien Face on the Rock Looks to Vegetation Displacement by Different Human Choices in Another Timeline, discovered 2 hours ago 😎 #Sol3

The Alien Face on the Rock Looks to Vegetation Displacement by Different Human Choices in Another Timeline, discovered on June, 7, 2017, while investigating a hunch from 5/12 Hole and Directional indication toward the wooded area.


CREW, you saw me see this! It’s pointing/looking at the WALL. The ite! Another control I did not need. UnBELIEVABLE even for THIS experiment.

This head shape is consistent with my hypotheticals about your biology based upon the metal gloves. Deep and dark beginnings. Cool.

I’m working on a collage now, that points out the amazing coincidences in this, very likely a control, to point me to discovery, I did not need.

I stopped to revalidate, for the 5th time, the completely missing huge conifer that was about 6' S of this rock. Not even pine mulch.
Consistent with normal growth. The shift did occur around November, 2013. Soon after burying Janeway, and there's more about her GRAVE . .

There is a four year old Oak growing directly on top of her body. With her tags, the Google/time travel wish account info. It will get old and FALL OVER.

4 yr Oak Tree on Janeway's Grave WILL (very likely) FALL OVER > EXPOSE TAGS: MAKE ME TARGET! Ta DA!!

It's only 14' from defining property border. Development comes. A real fence must be built. The Oak's stump! Or it falls like big Oaks do!

Sh*t! Now, I have to enter all this into the Vegetation Displacement page, WORK on the weblog. Damn.

This beautiful German Shepard, died too early from #LymeDisease and now is KEY in the GREATEST DISCOVERY EVER. #dogsoftwitter #timetravel

#God / Crew / Friends: You bastards!@$!! Leading me to WORK. I was in watching the world destroy itself mode. Heavy politics n shit. Geez.


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You scientists could use something really big that inspires millions toward exploration as a career.

That big event could be A discovery of an experiment chosen by another experiment to be successful before it was created.

It really is science and that hard proof you all cherish, believe it or not depends upon the hope of the world that you accept evidence within the experiment as proof enough.

The physical are the photographs of someone else's’ that had to have been preserved by technology far beyond our means, that were made public in this information world to be reachable for the experimenter as the target, at the primitive laboratory on a free personal weblog.

The amazingly circumstantial of the inexplicable coincidences of the Google image is combined to make this experiment a success in time travel by interdimensional communication.

The crisis the Earth faces is that we are all becoming devoid of hope. Hope for all was the purpose of the experiment from my side; side B of two seemingly impossibly separated timelines, or cosmos.

#marchforscience #scientists! Activism is inherent in exploration if your life’s efforts are to be practical. #sol3

#timetravel #interdimensional #Sol3 #spacetime #information #cosmos
#JamesGrayMason #1stcontact A#1 #JamesGMason #timetravelwish
#FirstContact #sol3 #Earth #plenipotentiary #emmisary ;-)

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Another introduction, posted on primary G account (not this one).:

Begun 11/25/2014 3:39 pm.: Time Travel Wish is an amateur experiment in time travel communication as a messaging concept written on a weblog. Many indications reveal it was successful at the exact time of creation. Conducted with purposeful avoidance of the scientific method by an artist with an idea to be reached from a future time. A time apart (had ) chosen an unwitting test pilot to validate success. The amazing on Earth has occurred. Please investigate. The discovery by James Gray Mason

This version is with the End All Suffering log at it's beginning, in order to share on that account. The ownership of those domain names may be a paradox related object of evidence in having been a successful target in the communication.

The validity of one category of evidence in the experiment Time Travel Wish requires that the attached jpeg images be investigated as untouched and their dates validated. They are copies from an Apple desktop and are that computer’s owner’s images. I have been unable to transfer them and also read the dates and timestamps from her Canon digital camera, when bringing the copies to my Windows PC.

There are more than 10 of this series of winter scenes from that single day, believed to have been shot between January and March of 2011. These few I am attaching are involved in validation of the placement of trees in proximity and within a ancient border rockwall near my home.

The category of evidence is called Vegetation Displacement by Human Choices in Another Timeline.

~~~~~ When the circumstantial is overwhelmingly indicating an experiment was successful before it was created:

Video: Vegetation Displacement by Human Choices in Another Timeline:

#timetravel When an object of evidence is digital manipulation to preserve images from a time apart from our own: (here in nowtime)

#timetravel #interdimensional #Sol3 #spacetime #information #cosmos
#JamesGrayMason #1stcontact A#1 #JamesGMason #timetravelwish
#FirstContact #sol3 #Earth #hope

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I am likely going to be deleting this soon. These are both notes and several entries of working hypotheses of the period of 1-2015 through early 2016 of both time travel - as information to a separated cosmos, and many speculations of the practical uses for an interdimensional breach as the basis of has been revealed in the entirety of Time Travel Wish.

I was delighted to have an indication that nearly all of these hypotheticals and speculations can be thrown out-the-window. That indication cannot be communicated by me.

Success has been validated to the only people who had wanted it. Their desires met. Ours, we may never know what our practical uses would have been.

Economic struggle is the reason the world will not know.

The internet is not a place where the merit of content can achieve equality. It is an oceanic money pit now, where a small fish among billions, with something significant can be easily lost in time.

#timetravelwish #interdimensional #Sol3 #spacetime #information #cosmos #plenipotentiary
#JamesGrayMason #1stcontact A#1 #JamesGMason #timetravelwish
#FirstContact #sol3 #Earth A#1

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Tweets, to post later on G/full: apprx 20 below. Will delete to keep profile page cleaner. Many pages of notes behind. Weblog: much absent now.

Almost done with any private text. Can’t wait until I only need to focus on the purpose. 99% of this SN thinks I’m 2 sandwiches short of a picnic.

I was contemplating your earliest hand tools, last night, I would love to see a couple of those. Would allow allot of reasonable hypotheticals.

I can speculate; A mostly water history. Not much need for careful grabbing that might cut and scrape.

I would not be surprised if there is not fingernails, as in ours: that protein shell may be unnecessary.

Tearing coarse surfaces to eat; not needed in past.

Scraping the back of the fingers, also not a danger / no need to protect tops. Not dragging arms. Consistent w long water history.

The climbing may have been upon cliffs, tower structures/natural, to leave the water.

Cont spcl: A wide base is needed for the forward limbs. Allot of crawling in heavier gravity.

Cont spec: A wider base for rear limbs could be assumed for upright mobility. An adaption may be thumb like digits: those limbs.

Cont spcl: There may be allot of vertical climbing in your history. Nearly straight up. Living in circular environment; comfortable.

Cont spcl: Wide protuberance was dominant in early environment. I.e. our thumbs are utility from tree climbing days: small branches.

I would expect a far more rigid pelvic bone / region. Perhaps young can be twins and more, more often than us.

Length of these arms may be longer than our own, for your stature, but that adaptation is likely to do with a great food source, within a hole/cave.

I would not expect to find the amphibious traits of ours on your outer tissues. I.e. scales. Those gloves, cloth like surface, too rough.

An epithelial cell on integument may be a breathing source, or a gas waste function (allot of surface area). Protection from frigid environment?

No, not protection from frigid envor; that’s relative. Earth bias is difficult in these. Less oxygenation to extremities . .

Methane rich! Very liquidic. A thick density of that gas. Not sure yet, on it . . Why we smell horrible! :-) you: nahhh. ;-)

Hmm spec cont: It’s not a fully rock world. What hard surface you have, result of biologic life, i.e. our coral, but smooth is dominant.

Allot of elasticity in digit joints. Separation in use when handling, as if pulling apart to adapt while pulling yourselves upward or down into an envrn.

Time Travel Wish ‏@TimeTravelWish 10m10 minutes ago
Time Travel Wish Retweeted Time Travel Wish
Stopping. Could get way-off base with this. Super conjecture! Would very much like 1 or 2 early tools. We would love that. #astrobiology!

That skeletal shape could almost be a dolphin skeleton. Very interesting. The narrowing of the pelvic region, kind of consistent.

Hmm; 1 more speculation: If I had to guess, based on this slim, hydrodynamic shape / the gloves; x2 Earth gravity:
Cont; that early life was deep and dark. Far more pressure. Less so in evolvement. Nutrients in water; like our plankton.

hmm the plankton analogy; no. Very small nutritive particles under that pressure. Would consider a more dense mineral nutritive need? hmm (here in nowtime)

#timetravel #interdimensional #Sol3 #spacetime #information #cosmos
#JamesGrayMason #1stcontact A#1 #JamesGMason #timetravelwish
#FirstContact #sol3 #Earth #hope
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Yawwwwnnnn with anxiety. Notes public, for the interim;

I feel like being restful.

It is my presumption that you need a time and place free of activity. I may be wrong. It strongly appears that a hunch I had back in Spring of 2015 is more likely to be correct. That your invisible status will allow their acceptance. I know, it is that strength of faith.

You should know, you probably do, that I feel uncomfortable at the concept that you are enjoying that placement of trust that requires only a hint of the miraculous. We are a very skeptical race now. Pessimism reigns over more than half the population now.

I would like you to consider that it may take much more visibility and so undeniability. That our changes are . . . hmmmm. Going to bed. I may finish this tomorrow.

That last sentence felt as if it were my personal fear. For me. As if I were beginning an excuse as if seeking an out. I will be introspect of that.

It has been a loving couple of days. I needed it. It was balance for this despising loathsome green and black monster inside me that has been brought out strong by this man and the many cowards who could have stopped him. A channel for this does not feel comfortable although it feels as if a certainty . . fumbling for words now. Good night.

by the by, this birds mystery, I fear it. It seems strongly related. Did you remove the Oklahoma birds prior to that quake there? Did you know that gas that comes out would cause them suffering? That is hopeful.

The avian flu strain is frightening. The seemingly straight line to the Plum Island facility, that's coincidence came about, at about the time of the disappearance of those Florida birds was a bit spooky for me, with my strong hope at the time, based on all that was happening, that my work was now a worldwide project, capable of doing what I have only dreamed, saving us.

Anyone reading this, you'll have to look over at the other G account for the 2015 postings regarding my suspicions and the Plum Island Animal Research Center. It is and has been my purview and privilege to entertain any and all seemingly odd relationships and coincidence within my experiment. That has been advantageous.

#timetravelwish #sol3 #JamesGrayMason

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