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Erik Pema Kunsang
Translator of Tibetan Buddhist scriptures.
Translator of Tibetan Buddhist scriptures.

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Author and art-critic Joe Lamport, on the painter Yayoi Kusama:

Each part of the cosmos is reflective of the whole, like the sparkling jewels in Indra’s Net, our capacity to experience this infinitude eventually becomes exceedingly clear and unhindered. Connecting the dots, from Indra’s Net to the Infinity Nets, the fabric of the universe can be perceived and experienced as one and the same.

#JoeLamport #YayoiKusama #Levekunst #art #spirtuality

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From artist Hildy Maze, on art, creativity and understanding the nature of experience.

"My teacher, Chogyam Trungpa Rinpoche, a Tibetan Buddhist Mahamudra, Dzogchen meditation master and artist, was the most profound teacher of life, art, and mind. I received pointing out instructions from him which brings the investigation and recognition of mind’s flawless nature into personal experience cutting through conceptual obscurations, that is our endless, dualistic thoughts and emotions. My abstract contemplative art practice is completely informed by these realizations."
#HildyMaze #Levekunst #art #creativity #consciousness

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We trade one rigid, constricting way of being for another rigid, constricting way of being. And because we call the new way spiritual practice, we may tell ourselves and others that this is great, this is better, this is how and who we want to be in our practice and in our life.

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Eriks tanker om Levekunst
Den smukke sommer i 1993 besøgte jeg Danmark efter at have boet hos Tulku Urgyen og Chokyi Nyima Rinpoche i Nepal. Jeg havde “ligget i blød” i Buddhas visdom og især i mine læreres mundtlige instruktioner i de ældgamle tantriske indsigter i flere årtier. Je...

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Karma Dendup shared yet again a very fine piece of poetry om meditation practice.

I sang echoes of the past ages, Blessed were the words I sang, I sang with eyes shut and heart wide open, I believe that when there is no beginning there can never be an end. As naked as the wind I sat in freedom, as clouded as the clouded sky came my thoughts, I stared deep into thin air, and I found myself absorbed, again no where.

#KarmaDendup #poetry #meditation #levekunst #artoflife

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Padmasambhava, the great Indian master who is regarded as a second buddha, went to Tibet where he established the teachings of Vajrayana. The book Dakini Teachings contains his replies to questions from Yeshe Tsogyal, his foremost and female disciple. She wrote down most of their conversations and preserved them for future generations.

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Tsultrim Allione, on Pegyal Lingpa, a Dzogchen yogi, and the practice of cutting self-importance.

I noticed two yogis were being held in high esteem. Since we were eating in the same tent, I had occasion to talk to them. I also noticed during the Drubchen that as everyone was chanting, doing mudras and so on, Drüpon Lama Karma and the other yogi just stared into space unmoving for hours on end. As I spoke to Drüpon Lama Karma, I realized he was a Dzogchen yogi who had done many years of retreat.

#TsultrimAllione #biography #yogi #chod #Levekunst #artoflife

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James Corrigan, on the yoga of timeless inner sound.

It is also called: Astral sound, Dharmata Swayambhu Nada, Divine Tremoring, Eternal Sound, Inner Sound, Music of the Spheres, Primordial Sound, Sacred Sound, Shabda, Sound of Creation, Sound of Silence, also Thunder of Silence, Soundless Sound, Transcendental Sound, Unborn Sound, Unstruck Sound, and The Word of God.

#JamesCorrigan #UnstruckSound #Levekunst #artoflife

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Poetry by Wayne: Midnight pools catch the brilliant lanterns carried by women in procession. Deep into sleep I follow them home. 
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