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Craig Shoemaker
Software dev, writer, podcaster and presenter
Software dev, writer, podcaster and presenter


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Underscore.js in action...

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Underscore.js has 92 functions. I have created 200+ demos in prep for my @pluralsight Underscore course. Next up - integration demos!

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New Polymorphic Podcast: Getting to Know Twitter Bootstrap @twbootstrap-

also looking for an experienced Technical Writer/Editor in Sofia, BG -

jobs on my team! 3 in Sofia, BG for our Web team and 1 in Cranbury, NJ for our WinForms team. Interested?

My company, Infragistics, has an immediate need for an experienced WPF developer in the Southern California area. Please message me if you have anyone in mind:

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Code from my #html5 Offline Applications webcast is now available here:

Hiring in Cranbury,NJ and Sofia, BG on my team (Product Guidance) to work with our web products to create samples & documentation. Email me at if you or someone you know is interested.

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