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Get way into what you love.
Get way into what you love.


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International Peace Day by +Tatyana Inarsh

Celebrate International Peace Day by appreciating the little things around you.

International Day of Peace
My peace is harmony in the soul, this is a look at the small things of Nature: flowers, and those who live on them, it's smells of plants, land, and the sea. I was lucky to live in such a place where there are mountains, mountain rivers and waterfalls, forests with wild animals, the sea, and near me the people I love, and my pets.
I wish peace and good to all in the soul, and in the world!
#internationaldayofpeace #worldpeaceday
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Our Google Create+ program is made up of artists, explorers, and entrepreneurs who are passionate about what they do and who enjoy connecting and collaborating on Google+.

Here are some of the projects that they have been working on in the past few months. We hope their passion will motivate you to do what you love!

+David R Robinson’s photograph was selected by the Ad Council/US Forest Service for their Discover the Forest campaign and was now on display on major cities’ billboards around the country:

+Peter Quinton and +CR Bravo collaborated on a graphic novel, The New Adventures of Vampire Girl:

+Ken Fowkes’ piece The Shaman’s Horse was on display at the Palo Alto Art Center:

+Alex Lapidus won a contest on Fine Art America for his photograph of the aurora over Norway:

+Jason Nvrmore created some impressive Star Wars toy images:

+Doris Ertel documented a special visitor on Earth Day:

+John Fisher Art shared some penciled portraits he did, including one of Mowgli and Raksha from the Jungle Book:

Learn more about the Google+ Create program by visiting the website!
Google+ Create
Google+ Create
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Featured Collection

Create member +Thomas Beling curates news articles related to Google Chrome OS in his collection Chrome OS News. Check it out!

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Share your travel stories!

People travel for many different reasons. Some people travel to learn about new cultures and discover new foods, while others want to meet new people or find time to relax and reconnect with nature. Many people consider traveling to be a great way to change up their routines and go on adventures.

What do you look for when you travel? Where did you go on your last vacation? Have you experienced a life-changing moment on a trip? We want to hear your travel stories!

Share your travel stories, photographs, and favorite moments using the hashtag #mytravelstory. We want to know about the friends you made, the sights you saw, and the local cuisines you ate. Tell us your best travel tips and suggestions!

Share your stories by creating a public post on you profiles and/or sharing your collections using the hashtag #mytravelstory.

Over the next few weeks, we will be resharing some of your stories with the hashtag #mytravelstory here on our page.
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Google+ Create member +Denis Labelle has curated a list of top influencers on G+ in his Plus You Collection. Visit Denis' collection and start expanding your own network! Learn about people who are experts in areas such as digital strategy, marketing, and communications.
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Featured Collection

Nike is a beautiful cat with exciting life updates to share. Take a look at +David Amerland's Nike Collection for amazing pet photography and a glimpse into Nike's busy life.
Yes, It's #Caturday

Nike wants you all to know that Bennie is her faithful acolyte and honorary catdog (yes, there is such a thing, ignorant hoomans). He sits with her in the balcony, he folds his paws under him like she does. He licks those paws first thing in the morning, like she does and when it comes to food, because she cannot beg (she has high standards) she sends Bennie to check if we are near that time of the day yet. :)
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Google+ Create member +Karen V Chin shared the amazing story of Mum's rescue. Check it out for some inspiration!

Have you ever rescued an animal? Did you adopt a homeless pet from the street or a shelter? Share your stories about helping animals in need! Use the hashtag #PetRescueStories or #PetstotheRescue to publicly share the story of a pet that you, your friends or your family adopt.
Adopting or rescuing a dog saves both you and the dog
Ever think about getting a dog? Where do you go? What kind of dog you want? How do you take care of it?

Eight years ago I was facing these issues. Never had a furry animal as a kid. Chinese parents were strict.

Takes a lot of responsibility to have a dog. You have to keep it alive. Play with it. Feed it. Make sure it gets walked and poops outside.

Being a kid, most likely, your dog will fall under the care of your parents because you’re, ultimately, a kid.

As I became an adult. Worked. Traveled. Worked. Having a dog still didn’t make any sense. It would be selfish to get one because I was never around.

But I reached a point in my life years later and decided I needed to “jump over the bridge” and do it.

What kind of dog do I get?
I spent months searching - pure breed, breeder, mutt, SPCA, rescue shelters. The options and possibilities were endless.

I knew I didn’t want to spend money on grooming or doggy salons every quarter. So short hair. I wanted a dog under 20 lbs both so I can carry him or her if it got into an accident in the park or bring him or her as “carry on” on a plane.

I realized I didn’t want a puppy because I would have to potty train and be with an active puppy. So, a young adult dog. 2 or 3 yrs old.

For some reason, I ended up looking at a Taiwanese Rescue Dog Adoption website. This non-profit would bring Taiwanese street dogs via volunteer Taipei passengers flying into SFO (San Francisco International Airport).

I actually went to meet a Taiwanese Rescue Dog at a foster home. We went out for a walk. It was a gorgeous, warm, sunny, spring Sunday morning. But there was no chemistry, no warmth, no feelings. It felt very robotic with this dog. I left and got into my car.

I thought this was crazy. Why am I looking for a rescue dog from Taiwan when there are a gazillion rescue dogs here in the SF Bay Area?! I drove over the Bay Bridge and went directly to Tony LaRussa’s Animal Rescue Foundation (ARF).

I walked around the dog area as I was waiting my turn to speak with the Adoption Counselor. They had a lot of chihuahuas and pit bulls. Both breeds that are very common at animal shelters here in the Bay Area. Nothing caught my eye.

When my turn came up, and the counselor read my answers to their adoption questionnaire, she said she had two dogs that fit my criteria:

- female
- 15 to 20 lbs so I can pick up if need be
- short hair
- mellow
- lapdog - okay to cuddle

First dog was a Corgi German Shepherd mix. it was a weird looking dog - a Black and Tan Shepherd face on a Corgi body. The counselor said she was a return - meaning the original adopters returned her because this dog would sit at night by young daughter’s bed staring at the child. It creeped out the parents. Also this dog did not like getting picked up. She will snap and bite.

I asked “how am I going to pick up this Corgi German Shepherd mix then if she doesn’t like it and will growl or snap if I have to put her in my car?”

The adoption counselor didn’t have a good response. We moved to the 2nd dog. She took me to the dog hospital. The dog she showed me was just spayed and laying in her bed drugged out.

How we found each other
Her name was “Mum” because when ARF found her in a San Joaquin Valley animal shelter she was pregnant. She was dumped at that shelter and gave birth to her litter. The last of her puppies were adopted and she didn’t need to breast feed anymore. She was recovering from her operation and was up for adoption. She was 3.

I was very skeptical at first looking at her condition. She was shedding. She was shaved. She looked like a “hot mess.”

But the counselor insisted. She brought “Mum” out and we sat on a bench together. “Mum” sat straight up like a cat and did not move an inch for 20 minutes on my lap. She has the most golden yellow eyes I had ever seen. They are hypnotic to look at. Something about this dog was calling me.

It was 5 pm on a Sunday and the counselor asked me “So, ready to adopt?” I said, “I have to go to work tomorrow. I can’t adopt a dog and then leave her home alone the next day.”

I left ARF that evening thinking. The next day I told my boss about my adventure with the 3 dogs and what to do next.

The next time ARF was open to adopt would be Wednesday.

Well, I ended up going back that Wednesday. Again, waiting my turn to adopt and here we are today 8+ years later.

One of the best things that has ever happened to me.
“Mum” turned out to better than I ever expected. She is my muse, my good luck charm, and has open “new doors” in my life because of being who she is. I am her “rock star.”

ARF defined “Mum” as a terrier mix. I say definitely “terrier,” but she has some chihuahua in her because when she is nervous she shakes. Her trainer - we went to a year’s worth of dog training school - believes “Mum” has some Beagle in her because she has a white tip tail. She has some “pointer” in her because she will get into the pointing positioning. And her ears are incredibly large for her size.

I tell her with ears her size she can hear Japan.

Wanna share your rescue pet story here on G+?

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Google+ Aspire

We are happy to announce the revamp of the Google+ Collections Community, which has been transformed into Google+ Aspire. Aspire is a new place for G+ users to share their content and receive feedback. Our Content and Community Management Team will be creating weekly posts with tips and tricks to help you continue to take advantage of everything that G+ has to offer. Check it out!
Welcome to Google+ Aspire!

We’re thrilled to announce that the Google+ Collections Community will now be called Google+ Aspire! This name-change will reflect the content expansion of our community, which now encourages members to share and receive feedback on all forms of content, including posts, profiles, and collections.

The Google+ Aspire community exists to help members reach their ultimate goals as content creators and curators. We are revamping this community to provide more resources for all of you to learn about creating and curating great content on G+.

To enhance your experience, Google+ Aspire welcomes you to post not only your collections, but also your posts, profiles, and other G+ content in this community to receive constructive feedback and encouragement. We want everyone to grow and improve on G+, and we are excited for Google+ Aspire to serve as a valuable space. G+ Aspire is designed for everyone who is interested in improving their G+ content and using our platform more effectively.

Our team will be creating weekly posts with tips and tricks to help you continue to take advantage of everything that G+ has to offer. We will discuss ways of organizing your profiles, using hashtags effectively, and enhancing your content with images and infographics. The #CreateConnections initiative will remain a part of this community. If you have content that you believe could be highlighted in Aspire, send it to us using this form:

We encourage you to share your content and post your feedback on other members' posts. This community will be moderated by our Content and Community Management Team here at Google, with Google+ Create members also providing feedback and helping connect members with each other. The CCM Team would like to extend a big thank you to Create members +Azlin Bloor and +Nina Trankova who have contributed so much to the Google+ Collections Community over the years. We also want to recognize +Alex Lapidus, +Ellie Kennard, and other Create members who have been with this community since its beginning.

To learn more about G+ Aspire, check out our About section, then start posting your work!

Keep creating!
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Featured Collection

How much do you know about Korean food? Check out the Delicious Korean Food collection by +TheGreatSpots KangChrisKorea for food reviews, recipes, and photos so good you can almost taste them.
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Experience the sky like never before in +Darren Huski's Nightscape Photography collection. Try and count how many starts you can see!

Nolan River Bluff and Milky Way

One of my late summer trips to the Nolan River got my this shot here. Walking through the river in the dark to get here is always fun. Then stare at the stars.

#wildernessphotographer #texas #texasnightsky #milkyway #nolanriver #nightscape
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