Google Docs In Google+ Hangouts for All Users
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Today, we're introducing the graduation of Google Docs from Hangouts with extras to the core Hangouts experience for all users. Just click the "Docs" button in your hangout and collaborate and edit live with people face to face to face. /via +Robin Schriebman
Google Docs in Google+ Hangouts

Last year we launched Hangouts with extras as a way to preview certain hangout features. ( Google Docs integration was one such extra, and the Google+ community has used it for all sorts of awesome -- from trip planning and lecture notes to doodling and charades. Today I'm happy to announce that we're graduating Google Docs to the core Hangouts experience for all users.

To try it out, just click on the new “Docs” button inside your hangout:

- you can add an existing document, or upload a new one
- added documents are available as a list on the left-hand side
- you can switch between and collaboratively edit multiple documents at once

As always, let us know what you think in the comments, or via the “Send feedback” button!

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