Chatting with Mutual Circles from Google+, Gmail and Google Talk
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Rolling out now, and arriving on your chat services over the next couple days, is the expansion of chat contacts to include mutual connections from Google+. Instead of needing someone's email address, if you both follow one another, you can be connected on chat. If you want to chat with some circles but not others, you can set that up as well.

Chat with you soon!

Have you ever wanted to start a quick chat with that college buddy you reconnected with on Google+? Today we’re making it easier for you to strike up a conversation with the people you’ve connected with on Google+. We’ve upgraded the chat functionality across Google so that if two people are in each other’s circles, they’ll be able to chat through Google+, Gmail and all other Google Talk clients. Your Google+ pals will now show up in your chat list, alongside all your other Google Talk contacts. And not to worry, if you only want to chat with people in some circles and not others, you can do that too. We’ll be gradually rolling this out to Google+ users, so stay tuned for your list of chat buddies to expand.
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