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See how people are responding to what you’re posting right from your profile with the new profile insights panel.
Insights for everyone

It’s always great to see a positive response to something you’ve posted. But sometimes you want to see what’s happening overall — the big picture.

To help you see how you’re doing, we’re introducing a new profile insights panel in Google+, available whether you post as a person or a page. It’s a private dashboard where you can see the engagement on all your posts, and on reshares of your posts, as well as follows on your profile and Collections.

To find your dashboard, visit your profile on the web version of Google+ ( and open the three dots menu at the top.

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Explore 'The Future Is Pretty Rad' by +Wasim Muklashy. This Collection explores VR, Design, Science, 3D Printing and more!

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Coffee: The Drink Of Life

A week ago we asked G+ users what they #CantLiveWIthout. Other than "oxygen" (smart alecks 😜), smartphones and coffee were the top answers. 

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Meet Create Member +Nicola Davison Reed

Hello Nicola, tell us a little bit about yourself and your photography

"I am NDR - a midlands based Monochrome Photographer using available light when working in my small studio space. I shoot family portraiture and occasional weddings to support my personal work of Street and conceptual Black & White Photography.Photography is my Class A.​"

When did your passion for photography start?

"1975 that long hot summer in the adventure playground that was the sand dunes of Blackpool Beach with a Kodak Instamatic​"

What's the story behind the portrait of the woman we're looking at?

"I was shooting a street portrait ​, this lady walks in between my camera and the subject. Watching my actions , she became curious and asked if i could take her portrait. This was a first for my 30 Second of Street Portrait project #Thecomfortofstrangers - i have been so attuned to occasional rejections and hunting for a portrait, to have this lady ask me was quite something. Thankyou wonderful Murial, i hope you enjoyed your evening at the Ice Hockey."

Nicola was "honoured to be interviewed with pictures for Fragmentary an arts website focusing solely on exploring the complex issues of mental health and emotions through photographic projects and artworks. They look for works that move, provoke, and stir a dialogue surrounding mental health, the psychology of the self and others, or projects with therapeutic potential.":

The Create Program ( is welcoming high quality content creators and curators with active Collections who would benefit from an official Google+ recognition and from the insights of a diverse network of passionate people.

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This is so smooth and cool. +Shelly Corbett

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So adorable❤️ , +Shelly Corbett

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Exploring Black Women In Horror With +Eden Royce #BlackHistoryPlus

Eden Royce's 28 Black Women in Horror History Collection profiles horror authors and succeeds in giving exposure to a demographic that is often overlooked. We spoke with Eden about her series and what inspired her to create it.

Could you tell us a little bit about your background as a writer? Specifically, what got you into writing, and what type of writing do you do?

"I grew up with a culture of oral storytelling. While I’ve written in many genres, speculative fiction—horror, sci-fi, dark fantasy—has the strongest hold on me. Most of my work is Southern Gothic, based in the culture and mores of the South."

Are there any Black writers that inspired you to pursue this? Who are they and what about them or their work inspired you?

"I struggled to find dark fiction books by Black writers when I was growing up, as works tended to get lumped into a general “African-American Interest” category, instead of being grouped into specific genres. But I’ve always loved books by writers like J. California Cooper and Zora Neale Hurston who don’t shy away from using dialect or from portrayals of Blacks in and outside of the poverty narrative. A big inspiration was receiving the Speculative Literature Foundation’s Diverse Worlds grant, which made me want to do something more to showcase other women’s voices in dark speculative fiction."

Why did you launch the 28 Days Of Black Women In Horror series?

"During a book signing, I mentioned I was featured in the book 60 Black Women in Horror Writing, and an audience member said, “I didn’t know there were sixty Black women writing horror.” After that I reached out to Ashlee Blackwell, owner of the blog Graveyard Shift Sisters to start a series featuring these women writers. It was her suggestion to have February as a feature month for the women we celebrate all year long—she’s focusing on film and TV, while I’m focusing on literature."

If you could recommend two books (one fiction, and one non-fiction) by Black writers, what would they be, and why?

Fiction: Skin Folk, a collection of short stories by Nalo Hopkins. A blend of rich language and vivid characters, draped in an authentic voice. You feel as though Hopkins is next to you, telling you a story with a message you’d better not miss."

Non-fiction: Playing in the Dark: Whiteness and the Literary Imagination by Toni Morrison, which among other things, shows how the African-American presence was essential to the foundation and formation of American literature.

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Become a Beta Tester for Google+

If you’re a user who’s as passionate for Google+ as we are, apply to become a beta tester for our product. We’re looking for people who want to test out new features, as well as discuss with our product team and fellow beta testers how to make Google+ the place to share your interests. Want to know what it takes?

Here’s what we’re looking for:
● Active poster on Google+
● Motivated to learn more about Google+ and contribute to product discussion
● Eagerness to provide high level feedback on our product

If you’re interested in applying, fill out the application form. Thanks!

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Meet Create Member +Michal Vörös

Hello Michal, tell us a little bit about yourself and your photograhy?

"My name is Michal! I just love photography and I try to communicate with them peace, inner peace, harmony, mood, “infinity” etc. My favourite themes are ordinary things: sunrise, reflection, landscape, abstract landscape - where the viewer “has to” use his, her imagination then double exposures, blurry photos and of course my beautiful dog Donna. I love to connect photography with song lyrics, for me it is the ideal combination…together it is, it can be a strong story…many times metaphorical “story” it is just up to the viewer what is the main point for her, him…."

How did your passion for photography start?

"I started with photography thanks to my dog (that time with my smartphone) = thanks to her I found out what I really love; then I found my way, learned technical things; learned to see etc. thanks to mentorship programs via G+ Mentorship Programs for Photographers. Now I just want to learn and take photos and create.... :))"

Michal's Favorite Shot:

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Miss the Grammys? Catch up here!

Cee-Lo stole the pre-show
Twenty One Pilots lost their pants
Beyonce's chair made us gasp
and Adele swept the night

Catch up on everything you missed in the #Grammys hashtag
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