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It’s always great to see a positive response to something you’ve posted. But sometimes you want to see what’s happening overall — the big picture.

To help you see how you’re doing, we’re introducing a new profile insights panel in Google+, available whether you post as a person or a page. It’s a private dashboard where you can see the engagement on all your posts, and on reshares of your posts, as well as follows on your profile and Collections.

To find your dashboard, visit your profile on the web version of Google+ ( and open the three dots menu at the top.

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Today, we talk Film and Sci-Fi with a NASA employee (and more importantly, Google+ Community owner 😂) +Michael Interbartolo for #Oscars Week!

Hey Michael! Please share a little bit of background information on yourself and your interest for Sci-Fi. What got you into it and how long has it been an interest?

"I’ve been a space geek since I first saw Star Wars back in the 70's. I’ve been a rocket scientist for over 20 years, working in Mission Control for the Space Shuttle program, a program manager for a Mars prototype lander as well as several design teams to evaluate and optimize the Orion spacecraft. I’m helping provide operational and mission assumptions for a Human Journey to Mars Mission as part of the Engineering Directorate at Johnson Space Center. Outside of work, my kids and I attend and cosplay at local pop culture and sci-fi conventions."

Give us a brief description of your Sci-Fi Community and everyone what they can expect there? Is it specifically focused on movies, or does it encompass other areas of Sci-Fi as well?

"The sci-fi community was started by +Craig Engler pretty much as soon as community was added to Google plus. Craig was working at Syfy at the time and saw it as an opportunity to engage folks across broad interests. It is a place of discussion with folks posting about movies, concept art, new books, as well as help each other identify old movies or books they remember snipers of but not the title. We are lucky enough to have one of the creators of Dark Matter post production updates for the TV show."

What's your favorite Sci-Fi movie of all time, and why?

"Not sure I can pick just one. For more realistic/hard scifi I would say The Martian and Moon are tied. They both represent a grounded view of space exploration. it represents a possible near term achievement for where we could be going as a specie if we put our minds to it. For the more space opera type growing up that would be the original star wars, now it would be a guardians of the galaxy. Guardians recapture the fun and excitement for me like the original star wars did when I was a kid. plus my son likes to cosplay as star lord so it is a nice bond to have with him as I made his costume."

Arrival is nominated for an Oscar for Best Picture, what did you think of the movie and how do you feel it stacks up to some of the memorable Sci-Fi films of the past?

"Arrival was a grounded movie that I really enjoyed. I liked that it wasn't the typical alien first contact/invasion movie (though I do like a good popcorn invasion movie) I really enjoyed that like good science fiction it can be a mirror to get folks to reflect on current events or the human condition through a lens of alien contact. sort of like how District 9 examined how we handle the situation of contact and refugees while commenting on apartheid this asks the question would contact bring the planet closer together or to the brink of war? I also liked that the ending made you think and talk about it since it was a but timey whimey wibbly wobbly to quote Doctor Who. I thought Arrival ranks up there with the classics of 2001, Blade Runner, and Moon. I think it has the repeat viewing factor where the more you watch the more you pick up on and get a deeper understanding of the movie."

Which movie do you think will win Best Picture this year?

"I haven't seen all the nominations yet, but it seems like the science fiction movies dont seem to win the big awards. sure they may get the techincal awards for special effects, screenplay, costume and soundtrack, but best picture I think Arrival will be a long shot. I would be okay with Hidden Figures winning as it helps highlight the early days of space exploration and the unsung heroes who helped the astronauts on their journey. I guess La La Land or Moonlight are probably the odds on favorites given how well they did at the golden globes and baftas."

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The Black History In America Community

We've featured Black History Collections and creators this month, but if Communities are more of your thing this may be for you. The 'Black History In America' Community incorporates historic figures, current contemporary issues, as well as memes and art to give a well rounded perspective on the Black experience. #BlackHistoryPlus

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Talking #Oscars, film, and hidden gems with +Nathan Chase

Nathan Chase runs one of the biggest movie Communities on G+ (appropriately titled, 'Movies'), enjoy our conversation on cinema and feel free to recommend more film-related Communities or Collections in the comment section below!

Nathan, where does your passion for movies stem from?

"My passion for film draws from weekend trips to the local video store, binge-watching movies in the 80s on TV and VHS, and going to our local theaters with family and friends often. I became much more interested in film history and the medium as a whole during undergrad studies in college, and have been heavily drawn into the film world since launching +Flickchart."

What's Flickchart and how long has it been around?

"Flickchart is a website and social network (and useful tool) where movie addicts can rank films two at a time, which automatically creates a personalized "best of all-time" chart of all the movies they've seen in their lifetime, and then receive targeted recommendations based on those choices they make. We launched the site in September of 2009. We're working towards a huge product release of an entirely new "2.0" version of the site built on bleeding edge web technologies hopefully later this year."

Give us one fantastic movie that most people have never heard of?

"Triangle (2009) is a horror-psychological thriller that plays with time in a way that I've not seen done before with as well since Back to the Future. The script is extremely clever, and it doesn't pander to its audience. It's a challenging, but very rewarding watch. I champion it as often as I can."

What films are you rooting for at The #Oscars this year, and why?

"I'd really like to see Kubo and the Two Strings earn Best Animated Feature, as the amount of talent and patience needed to create that style of art is infinitely impressive to me. Other than that, I'm rooting for Arrival to win as much as it can in as many categories as possible. Smartly-written science fiction often doesn't get much Oscar love, so I'm all for it making a mark this year."

What movie do you predict to win Best Picture?

"As much as Hollywood tends to self-aggrandize, it seems like La La Land has the best shot. It's possible Moonlight could be the undercard winner, but it seems like a safe or obvious pick.

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Meet +Darren Huski, Photographer and Texas Nightcrawler

Hello Darren, what kind of photography do you specialize in?

"I am a landscape and nightscape photographer from Texas. I photograph the far reaches of the Lone Star State, across the Great Plains, and throughout the Rocky Mountain West. I seek out the empty places, lonely mountains and big sky to make images of the edge of the day and the dark of the night."

What attracts you to the dark and desolate places?

"Here in the far reaches of west Texas are some of the darkest skies in the Lower 48. Combine that with the incredible geology of the desert landscape and you have the opportunity for some great night images."

"I hiked into this area alone at 3:00AM in the morning. It was very dark and I could see the Milky Way rising over the rocks. I spent the next four hours working my around this rocky valley making 15-30 second images in the dark (you need that long to record the dim light of the stars) while listening to coyotes yipping and howling in the distance. It is locations like this and the chance to make images that keeps me going back out in the dark alone time after time."

Darren's Collections:


American West Landscape:

The Create Program ( is welcoming high quality content creators and curators with active Collections who would benefit from an official Google+ recognition and from the insights of a diverse network of passionate people.

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It's #Oscars Week!

The Academy Awards will be held in a matter of days, and leading up to the big event we'll be featuring some of the best movie Communities & Collections on Google+.

If you want to recommend any movie Communities or Collections, feel free to drop a link in the comment section below. Also, use the #Oscars hashtag throughout the week for all of your movie commentary. 🎬

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Explore 'The Future Is Pretty Rad' by +Wasim Muklashy. This Collection explores VR, Design, Science, 3D Printing and more!

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Coffee: The Drink Of Life

A week ago we asked G+ users what they #CantLiveWIthout. Other than "oxygen" (smart alecks 😜), smartphones and coffee were the top answers. 

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Meet Create Member +Nicola Davison Reed

Hello Nicola, tell us a little bit about yourself and your photography

"I am NDR - a midlands based Monochrome Photographer using available light when working in my small studio space. I shoot family portraiture and occasional weddings to support my personal work of Street and conceptual Black & White Photography.Photography is my Class A.​"

When did your passion for photography start?

"1975 that long hot summer in the adventure playground that was the sand dunes of Blackpool Beach with a Kodak Instamatic​"

What's the story behind the portrait of the woman we're looking at?

"I was shooting a street portrait ​, this lady walks in between my camera and the subject. Watching my actions , she became curious and asked if i could take her portrait. This was a first for my 30 Second of Street Portrait project #Thecomfortofstrangers - i have been so attuned to occasional rejections and hunting for a portrait, to have this lady ask me was quite something. Thankyou wonderful Murial, i hope you enjoyed your evening at the Ice Hockey."

Nicola was "honoured to be interviewed with pictures for Fragmentary an arts website focusing solely on exploring the complex issues of mental health and emotions through photographic projects and artworks. They look for works that move, provoke, and stir a dialogue surrounding mental health, the psychology of the self and others, or projects with therapeutic potential.":

The Create Program ( is welcoming high quality content creators and curators with active Collections who would benefit from an official Google+ recognition and from the insights of a diverse network of passionate people.

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This is so smooth and cool. +Shelly Corbett
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