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Get way into what you love.

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You can now add GIFs to posts and comments straight from your keyboard on Android.
G+ Android version 9.6.0: Support for GBoard Animated GIFs

Starting today with version 9.6.0 of the G+ Android client, we are enabling a new feature: support for adding animated GIFs to your posts and comments using Gboard! Now it’s easy to find and send an Animated GIF for the perfect reaction.

We hope you have as much fun using this new feature as we did in developing and testing it!

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Exploring today's faces of female empowerment with +Miss Dimplez

The #WomensHistoryMonth Collection by Dimplez is a wide ranging celebration of women in entertainment, politics, and academics who are "bold enough to change the world and how we do business".

From Rep. Maxine Waters to Simone Biles and Solange, this Collection acknowledges contributions of women across the spectrum.

Check out the rest of the Collection:
Nancy Abu-Bonsrah is making history by being placed at Johns Hopkins Hospital's neurology department.

"I want to be remembered for serving my community, whether it is through providing quality surgical care or helping mentor the next generation of surgeons. Unique Thing: Everything is special about the match. It will be a dream come true." #SheInspiresMe #WomensHistoryMonth 

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Catch up on yesterday's #Collections101 event here!

If you weren't able to attend the live stream of our second #Collections101 event, we've got you covered!

Designed to help you build better Collections and utilize one of Google+'s core features, we covered everything from post templates to pinned posts, and polls in this panel.

A huge thanks to panelists +Peter Quinton and +Randy Resnick for a job well done!

Watch the recorded video here:
View the presentation here: 

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Meet Create’s force of nature +Johnny Stork

Hello, Johnny! Introduce yourself to the good people of G+

"I am an earthling and a Jolly Mystic Dude. As well as being a lonely old fat guy with diverse interests and a broad background and education in many fields acquired through decades of coddiwompling. I have been pursuing graduate studies in transpersonal psychology and intend on moving into a career of transformational and transpersonal coaching. I am deeply connected with the outdoors and as often as possible I like to spend my time 4x4ing, hiking, kayaking, snowshoeing or just sauntering in solitary reflection on my belly button lint. I am also a "practicing" color-blind photographer with an eclectic and inclusive world-view informed by knowledge and wisdom across a wide range of spiritual, religious, mythological and psychological perspectives."

What fuels your interest in social media?

"Beyond the obvious role that social-media plays in the spread of knowledge, ideas and democracy, I also believe these trends towards global collaboration and open knowledge-sharing are going to fundamentally change educational pedagogy and influence the evolution of participatory models of psychology and even an evolution of human consciousness."

Care to share the backstory on the photo in this post?

"During the 80’s and first half of the 90’s I was a serious rock climber and spent most of my time in Squamish BC climbing on the Stawamus Chief which is the second highest granite monolith in the world at 2000’ (second only to Half Dome in Yosemite Valley). Around 1987 I had a long lead-fall off the Chief at around 500 feet up. I fell around 60 feet before the rope, and my belayer, caught me. But during that fall I had a Near Death Experience, a transcendent and mystical experience which fundamentally changed who I was as a person and how I viewed the world and my life. From that day forward the Chief has been a Sacred Mountain for me and so this photo shows me on one of my overnight journeys where I slept at the top of one of its peaks."

A Few Of Johnny's Collections:

Meditation & Mindfulness:
Joyful Living:

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The second edition of #Collections101 is here!

At 9:30am PST (UTC-7), our panelists will give you expert tips on how to create great Collections on G+ and increase engagement and exposure. 
Tune in 3/28 at 9.30am PDT (UTC-7)

We’re excited to see you at #Collections101 tomorrow! Join us as our expert Panelists +Randy Resnick and +Peter Quinton give us the 101 on how to create great Collections and more!

Catch the YouTube live-stream at 9.30AM UTC-7 here:

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Norway Skies

Fantastic shot, +Maciej Markiewicz!

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Community Management Best Practices: Full vs Limited Member setting

Recently, Google made an important update to the way Google+ Communities can be moderated. This update has a direct effect on controlling the quality of content seen in the Community, and making sure only trusted users can share that content.

What is the update?

Community Moderators can now enable the new "Hold Posts for Review" option. If enabled, Moderators can then select who becomes a Limited Member - either Everyone (all current members), or just new members joining the Community.

What's a Limited Member?

Limited Members have full access to comment, +1 and reshare Community content. They can also share content to the community, but it will be placed into a special new queue until a moderator reviews them and decides whether they are appropriate for the general Community members to see. How long it takes for a Moderator to approve/reject the post depends on the Community's Moderators themselves, as they will need to manually review posts in the queue. Posts for regular members (ones who are not Limited Members) do not get held for review.

How does a Limited Member become a Full Member?

If the Community Owners and Moderators decide that a Limited Member has demonstrated that their posts are of high enough quality, the Owner or Moderator can promote the person from being a Limited Member to a Full Member. The reverse is also true, in that Owners/Moderators have the ability to demote Full Members to being Limited Members, as well.

Why the change?

Google have listened to the user feedback, requesting the ability for Community Owners and Moderators to control whether low quality content is seen in the Community.

How is this new Hold for Review queue enabled?

Community Owners and Moderators can enable the Hold for Review queue from within the ‘Edit Community’ dialog of their Community.

This post was written by Community Vanguards member +Paul Snedden

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Engage your audience by getting to know them

Check out +Rajesh Narayanan's Collections tips & tricks post where he talks about timing, presentation, polls, and more ways to engage your audience on Google+.

#Collections101 is only one day away, tune into the livestream on March 28th for more helpful Collections tips! (
Collections tips and tricks
Hello !
Recently one of my page's collection with great support from G+ has now 1 million followers. I would like to share few tips and tricks, having been here for a quite a while :)
(I am not a good writer, so I will just highlight the points. Please bear with me.)

1.First and foremost is know your audience.
Unless you know your audience and their tastes, it is difficult to get real engagement.
2.Timing of the post is as important as the audience. Choose the best day and time, which you can identify after few postings.
3. Present it in the best possible way - headlines, short summary and about 3 or hashtags, with a good picture. It all depends on the niche you are posting about.
I have seen few food collections with blog/web links alone, which don't get good engagement. People don't like link dropping.
4. Another way to attract audience and get good engagement is to create polls on topics, which the audience might be interested or related to you collection.
5.Share your posts with one or two active communities, related to your collection.

Above all we need some good support from G+ :)
I am sure collections with great content are given good exposure from Create team.
It is easy. But, yes, it takes time !

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Adding captions to your images will bring your post to life

Want to create quality Collections? +Azlin Bloor recommends adding a few words to your posts to reach out to your audience and engage your followers!

Interested in more tips? Join us for the #Collections101 livestream on March 28th! More info here:

Creating Quality Collections
>Add Words to your Images!<

Collections shouldn't just be about the images and the hashtags.
If a picture speaks a thousand words, imagine how much more it'll be saying when you add just a few words to it!
>> You want to reach out to your audience and get more engagement and followers, don't you?

Don't know where to start?
Not good with words?
No Sweat!

Go Back to Basics
* WHO is in the picture?
* WHAT is happening?
* WHERE was the picture taken?
* WHEN was the picture taken?

See how easy it can be to create quality Collections?


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Create Compelling Collections

+Shane Dallas shares some great tips on how to find your voice and create Collections that stand out.

For more tips and insights, tune into #Collections101 on March 28th!
I love the creative process of deciding on and building Collections. After putting together a number of them over the past 2 years, there are some important lessons I've learnt.

Be Different
Number one is to try something different. Don't do what everyone else is doing, build a Collection that only you can build. For my travel photos, I post different locations to the usual tourist route and it is what I'm known for. Remember to not find your niche with your Collections, find your voice instead!

Choose A Narrow Theme
I've seen wonderful Collections of subway stations, doors and windows - it works beautifully. I tend to have mine a bit broader. For example, notice with the Egypt title, it says Lower Egypt - why? Because I know that any journey to Upper Egypt (Luxor, Aswan, Abu Simbel) is going to give me many dozens of photos to post, and I don't want my Collections to get too large - which would certainly occur is I put all my Egypt photos into one Collection.

Cover Photo and Colours
Look at the photo with this post - notice how I try to match the dominant colour in the cover photo with the colour of the Collections. This occurs in 4 of the 6 Collections - especially with Somaliland and Iconic Monuments. Iran is different, as there are so many colours coming through the window there is no dominant one, so purple seemed to match with the Collection name of "Majesty". Also Lower Egypt - the colour reminded me of what it was like to be in the tombs, that neutral colour - but not dark and depressing - it felt more vibrant to me, so I chose a lighter tone.

Order your Images Carefully
I always try to avoid posting similar images together. For example, in the Sana'a Collection, I try to mix images of people, buildings and cityscapes - you won't find too many of each clumped together. Likewise, for Indonesia, the images come from 5 different area I've visited in the country, but it is rare to see more than 2 photos from the same area posted in a row.


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