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Get way into what you love.

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Updates and increased transparency: A quick preview of things to come on Google+
What's new with Google+

Hey there Plussers! I'm your friendly neighborhood Server Eng Manger, and I wanted to take a little time to tell you some of the great things the G+ team is working on. As always, we listen carefully to your feedback, and in the coming months, we'll be focusing on your most highly requested areas of improvement, including:

• Better spam control
• Enhanced community moderation
• Improvements to the web user experience
• More intuitive navigation and discovery
• Cleaner notifications

And more that we'll reveal as they become available ;)

We've heard your desire to stay informed about G+ product updates. Going forward, you can expect to hear more from me; our Product Managers, like +John Nack, our Program Managers, like +Carter Gibson; and Community Managers, like +Leanne Osborne and +Madeleine DeRome. We'll try our best to reply to questions and keep you up to date on all the great progress.



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#MyTravelStory: Futuristic libraries in Korea with +ThegreatSpots KangChrisKorea

Reading has never looked so good

Use the hashtag #MyTravelStory to share your own posts and Collections. More info here!
별마당, Starfield
Where is here? Yes, Starfield is here. I was passing by here on the way to the Korean restaurant for dinner. More people comes in this library thesedays. It makes me feel that I am at starship not just library. When you come to Korea, come here and enjoy some Korean books in free of charge. I can say this spot is one of your Must-Visit place in Seoul.

Photo @starfield library, COEX, Seoul
July 2017

#starfield in coex #mytravelstory in Korea


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#MyTravelStory: +Will Tan travels to Plaza de España – Seville, Spain

"Those who have seen the Star Wars prequel ‘Attack of the Clones’ may find the curved exterior corridors of the plaza familiar – they were used as a backdrop for a scene taking place in Theed, a city on the planet Naboo."

Catch more in Will's travel Collection:

And his personal blog:

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See recipes come to life from start to finish in the 'Food Making Gifs' Collection

If reading instructions is a little too old school for you, this Collection from +Yahiya Mv captures the entire process in gif form (seemingly the preferred method of communication in 2017). The gif below shares the secret of making fried ice cream.

Visit the Food Making Gifs Collection:
Cinnamon Toast Fried Ice cream


- 1.5 qts vanilla ice cream
- 5.3 oz ferrero rocher chocolates
- 20 oz cinnamon toast crunch cereal
- 4 eggs
- 6 cups vegetable oil

Cover the bowl with plastic wrap.
Scoop 2 ice cream balls and place the chocolate in the center and cover with another scoop of ice cream.
Pick up the plastic wrap and twist to form a ball. Freeze for 2-3 hours.
Roll the ice cream balls in toast crunch crumbles and double coat with whisked eggs and crumbles; Freeze for an hour.
Heat oil 375F and deep fry ice cream for 30 seconds.
Drizzle chocolate syrup, whip cream on top and crushed nut.
Serve immediately! Enjoy!
Animated Photo

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#MyTravelStory: +Rosie Nixon embarks from the United Kingdom and shares her experience in the American South
#mytravelstory As a child I'd always wanted to visit America. I grew up around TV series such as The Waltons and Little House on the Prairie. While reading material was from the likes of the adventures of Tom Sawyer. Inevitably I'd etched certain scenes in my mind of what rural America might just be like.

Well fast forward many, MANY years and I found myself in the quintessential South. My very first visit to America.

There were homes in plantation and low country styles in all sizes. Some made from wood and painted in various shades while others were of brick and stone. Windows with decorative shutters, porches with patriotic flags, white picket fences and rocking chairs on the veranda. While gardens seemed to stretch into the surrounding landscape without anything really marking their boundaries. Oh the southern character just oozed from these homes. I loved it.

Yes this was 'the rural america' I'd always imagined. Only I didn't expect the landscape to be so green and lush.

Fireflies illuminated the trees and flickered across the blades of grass in the evenings. While the noise at night time at Lake Greenwood was deafening with the sound of crickets, bull frogs, tree frogs and dear knows what else ...a wildlife symphony extraordinaire!

Driving on the right hand side of the road was an experience even when sitting in the passenger seat especially coming to left turns. In the UK we have to stop at a red light even if there's no one at the junction ... you don't in South Carolina! Never mind losing count as we past church after church after church ...we were after all in bible belt land! And it sure was blowin' up a storm as we experienced Tropical Storm Cindy too. Now I understand why American roads have such large drains! We don't get rain like that!

Sometimes living in Scotland the only difference between summer and winter is that we cut the grass in summer! So getting accustomed to the heat and humidity was something else... I never got accustomed to it and neither did my hair. An air conditioning unit became my essential friend and when I thought it was too warm indoors ... I went outside to remind myself of how cool it actually was indoors. You don't wind down car windows to let some cool air in unlike here in Scotland!

Food especially for breakfast ... everything was flavoured. I just wanted good ole plain porridge oats for my mine but to no avail. Biscuits and gravy was also a taste experience though not very good for my arteries! Tennessee whiskey sure clears the airways and root beer didn't taste like what I'd expected it to taste like. I never took up the opportunity of drinking sweet tea. But the mustard BBQ sauce and pulled pork ... utterly delicious ...the more mustard the better! Grits ... hmmm not so sure about those!

The Southern hospitality was superb. We were made so welcome no matter where we went. Our accents could be picked out while eating out and it wasn't unusual for a total stranger from a nearby table to enter into one of our conversations. It was as if they'd known us all our lives.

I didn't bring my DSLR to America ... I couldn't risk a change in homeland policy and end up having to place it in the hold going home again. In a way I'm glad that I saw my first visit with my own eyes rather than from a camera viewfinder...though took some snaps on my phone. But truth be told ...every time I passed that huge Fujifilm Headquarters a little part of me just wished I'd taken it with me!

Well I declare next time it's coming with me! <eek> and yes sir and ma'am even while still jet lagged we were already making plans for the next trip. Next time it's via Dublin rather than Heathrow!

Photo taken of a lovely home in Due West, Abbeyville County on Sunday 25th June 2017. Probably the quietest little town I've ever been in...hardly saw a soul!

Oh if you've never seen fireflies then this is a great video:
#MyTravelStory as part of the Create Community initiative.

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Share your travel stories!

We are thrilled to announce that we are extending the My Travel Story series from June! Your interest in this project did not go unnoticed, and we have put together a Collection to inspire you with some previous submissions. Take a look here:

For the next few weeks, share your posts about about your trips, adventures, and experiences. Tell us about the journeys you took and what you learned while traveling the world.

Remember to use the #MyTravelStory hashtag on public posts. If you have a Collection that already fits with with the My Travel Story initiative, reshare it with the hashtag!

Keep creating!

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Today is #WorldEmojiDay

Reply to this post with your most-used emoji
#WorldEmojiDay really brings out the 💚 in everyone, doesn’t it?

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Become a Macro Pro with Create Member +Paolo Dalprato Photographer

Pick up some macro skills and learn about Paolo's approach to floral macro photography in this Collection collab with the +Good Light Photography Page!

Paolo's Collection: 

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Immerse yourself in the 'All Things Science' Google+ topic

If "10 Reasons Spider-Man's Greatest Superpower is Science", and daily gifs from NASA are your forte, you might want to add this topic to your social media destinations 🔬.

All Things Science:

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Follow G+ Create member +Stephen Peel as he attempts to cycle around the world

Stephen Peel is not a professional cyclist and has never rode more than 30 miles in a day on a bike, but he'll be attempting to take a lap around the globe starting this month.

"I have no idea if I can do this, but I'm putting every bit of time and energy into the planning, so I will be giving this my best shot."

"My plan is to cycle a minimum of 18.000 miles (29,000 km). Leaving from Cheshire England and continuing through Europe, Asia, Australasia, and the America's, before returning to Cheshire. It could take years to complete."

Follow Stephen's Collection to witness the journey!
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