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Killdeer prefer gravel beds for their nests. The only handy one around here happens to be our driveway, which we need to use from time to time. Fortunately this year, she built her nest at the edge (instead of in the middle, where she built it a couple of years ago). You don't normally see them this close to their eggs, because when anybody gets close, she transmogrifies into a hideously wounded flopping pathetic bird which draws the intruder's attention away from her eggs. It's quite a performance. Her nest is surrounded by colorful flags, right now, which rather defeats the purpose of camouflage, but makes it less likely anybody will run over her eggs. #birding #birdphotography
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I love this story! I came across it via +Lorie Wren 's post. I like that you've put flags around to remind everyone to keep clear - brilliant!
Thanks, +Michaela Murphy, I also added a couple of cinder blocks at the side of the driveway to further encourage people to stay off that side. So far, she doesn't seem to mind the flags at all. To her, they probably just seem like some bizarre plants that sprouted up overnight.
Just had to check with my husband (who lived in the US for a while) what a 'Cinder Block' is. He informs me they're called breeze blocks here, I prefer Cinder Block!! Great notion that your nesting bird thinks the flags are funny looking plants! Bless! Hope to see some pics of her chicks in due course :-)
Great shot! Those eggs look just like granite rocks.
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