Great discovery indeed; see what serious enthusiasts observe:

lternative point of view: What does that fungi give off when it digest? If it’s methane or CO2 then this is a seemingly innocent idea that actually exacerbates global warming. When pre-historic oil is made into plastic is is still SOLID, and will stay that way. The carbon is locked and can be buried. But if it is digested or burned it can inject carbon into the atmosphere, where it doesn’t belong, and increases the greenhouse effect.

If there is no carbon airborne waste from this digestion (how could there not be?) then that’s fine. But I would actually proactively try to stop this technique from being used if it turns plastic into CO2 or methane. We need to be doing the exact opposite — solidifying carbon that’s in the atmosphere — and fast — in large quantities. ~ Christopher Johnson

The interesting thing is that were developing multiple ways to sequester carbon. We may soon have filters on “smoke stacks” that take care of that problem. It may be that we have a two step process. Fungi1 digests one type of compound and Fungi2 sequesters the resulting CO2. ~ Gilbert Midonnet

One thing most people forget it that CO2 is it occurs naturally. We produce CO2 every time we breath. Are you suggesting we hold our breaths. Probably not, plants digest CO2 and clean the air naturally. We just need more plants. The earth has been around for thousands of years. And long before we had factories and cars there were dramatic spikes in CO2 and climate. The earth has a funny way of correcting itself. I’m not saying we shouldn’t care about the environment, I don’t litter, I love to backpack and camp and be outside, but at the same point, by driving my 5 yr old car I’m not going to kill the earth. ~ Sean Fairchild
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