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This is excellent!
A guide to understanding us engineers.

[edit: I forgot to add an important one:
Working as intended = Reality is wrong, and has to be fixed to match the output of the code]

Back from the UK. Last Monday I presented a tutorial "Optimizing OpenCL for Altera FPGAs" at the 2nd International Workshop on OpenCL. Great but intimate conference. Next spring in Boston.

Link to my slides below (PDF if you like). (Contributions also from colleagues, of course.)

Programming channel:
Programming comments should be English. But they should read more like Hemingway than Dickens. (Dickens was paid by the word, and it shows!)

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Couldn't haven't said it better. Like unwrapping a happy memory all over again. Randy Bachman's joy is infectious.

Books channel:
Enjoying yet another Arkady Renko novel: Stalin's Ghost. A good one in the series that started with Gorky Park so many years ago. Medium pace rolling boil. One to savour. 

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Finance channel again:
XKCD shows you money: All of it. :-)
Genius. Just like the radiation chart they posted back in March or so. I love how they show the cost of the stuff from the song "If I had a million dollars". John Merrick's remains are not for sale.

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Computer channel:
James Fallows writes about how his wife's Gmail account was cracked, her online life destroyed (and recovered!) and what it means for any of us with online lives. Also a peek inside Google: attitude toward data security, cloud based learning, and what it means to be "data driven".

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Computer channel: If you ever have to think about concurrent multiprocessors, this is an excellent place to start, focused on x86: (preprint of an article from the July 2010 Communications of the ACM)
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