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Fan Page - Skupnost Slovenskih Uporabnikov Google+. Dobrodošli! (Dodajte stran v svoje kroge.)

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First Slovenian 'dragon' hatches: Ancient cave-dwelling olm salamander emerges from clutch of eggs

Rare olm hatched this week from a clutch of eggs in a cave in Slovenia. The blind salamanders are the only cave-dwelling vertebrates in Europe. They can live for 100 years but may reproduce as little as once a decade. 

The first 'baby dragon' from a batch more than 60 eggs has hatched in the caves deep below the Slovenian countryside.

It emerged from its egg earlier this week in the Postojnska caves in Slovenia, where experts have been closely monitoring the ancient olms - a type of rare cave salamander - in an aquarium.

The new arrival is the first larva to hatch in captivity in a number of years, and biologists have managed to snap a fleeting glance of the animal in silhouette...

Check the article for video:

#Slovenia #Postojna #cave #placestosee #placestovisit #travel

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Solkan's Bridge 
Slovenia –

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Guardian Travel readers have picked their favourites Slovenian places outside of capital Ljubljana 💚 Find "Top 10 Slovenian places" ‪#‎ifeelsLOVEnia‬ #slovenia

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Ljubljana, Slovenia: what to see plus the best hotels, bars and restaurants
Slovenia’s – and now Europe’s – green capital is a laid-back charmer of a city. Easily walkable, it boasts striking architecture and a vibrant outdoor eating and drinking culture.

#Ljubljana #Slovenia #Europe #tourism #travel #placestosee #placestovisit

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Ljubljana city guide: where to eat, drink and explore in the European Green Capital
The Slovenian capital is showing off its environmental credentials

#Ljubljana #Slovenia #Europe #tourist #travel #placestosee #placestovisit 

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Srečno novo leto 2016!
Happy New Year 2016!

Foto +Domen Dolenc​
Happy new year from my hometown, Železniki, Slovenia
Srečno Novo leto vam želim z mojega kraja, Železniki, Slovenija
#Slovenia #slovenija 

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Have a wonderful day G+ 
Lake Bohinj in winter - Slovenia

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Predjamski grad, Predjama, Postojna, Slovenija.
Beautiful castle in Predjama near Postojna in Slovenia.

#Predjama #castle #Slovenia #travel #tourism #placestosee #placestovisit
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