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Potest facere intellectum a cannabis
Potest facere intellectum a cannabis

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Cannabis 101
CANNABIS 101 Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC): A
chemical found in the cannabis plant that is responsible for most of
marijuana’s psychological effects. By activating specific receptors in
the brain, THC can affect a person’s memory, pleasure, movements,

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PHPStorm for Linux Update Script
It's easy to get behind in updating PHPstorm for Linux when using the auto update on Ubuntu. This shell script is a useful tool for replacing the command line. #!/bin/bash -e
# IMPORTANT. My phpstom installation exists on /opt/phpstorm.
# IMPORTANT. Run wit...

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The Number one reason for Gun Control in the U.S. -- people
Some say there is not one single answer to explain why gun violence occurs in
office settings. In high-risk occupations and locations, the business is
usually the target and an employee becomes victimized during the
commission of a criminal act. In the o...

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Bit torrent Client: Transmission-Qt for Windows
Transmission is a well known bittorrent client, widely used on Linux and Mac OS X, and with a well deserved good reputation as being a simple and light-weight set of programs.

By set we mean that Transmission includes several different programs: a daemon i...

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Finding the Best PHP Hosting Available
In a previous post about PHP and how which verison that is used by a hosting company is the best judge of the quality of the hosting service.  I challenge the community to gather and use PHP version as a metric. To send and update the versions used by known...

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5 Reasons that Learning Erlang is Hard
Erlang is a great solution to many of the ailments of the internet. Note that I say Erlang is a great solution and not a great language. To become a great language it wil have to embrace some things that the Erlang Community is not willing to do or is incap...

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PHP7 Count Down to Final: RC 4
The PHP development team announces the immediate availability of
PHP 7.0.0 RC 4. This is the ninth pre-release of the new PHP 7
major series. All users of PHP are encouraged to test this version carefully,
and report any bugs and in...

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Where PHP Programmers Can Learn More about C and C++
In a previous post about  PHP and how much there is to learn about it beyond its typical uses . I talk about how to extend PHP with libraries written in C Language. As part of that talk the PHP-CPP framework is mentioned as a solution for simplifying develo...
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