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Chris Niermann
The man your teacher warned you about: Instigator, gambler; aspiring artist, future superstar. Korean with German name. Taunted by the unrequited love of Michigan sports
The man your teacher warned you about: Instigator, gambler; aspiring artist, future superstar. Korean with German name. Taunted by the unrequited love of Michigan sports

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Would anyone else like to see the same people going berserk over Hillary's email server display a similar sense of outrage over the fact that our black friends are LITERALLY getting murdered live on video cameras right now?

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“Every morning in Africa a gazelle wakes up it knows it must outrun the fastest lion or it will be killed. Every morning in Africa, a lion wakes up it knows it must run faster than the slowest gazelle or it will starve. It doesn’t matter whether you’re the lion or a gazelle – when the sun comes up, you’d better be running.”

"Moral narcissism is about being more concerned with the cleanliness of your hands than with how your conduct shapes the lives around you."

The GOP should be less upset by any perceived media bias by CNBC (you should be able to answer tough questions if you are going to be President) and more upset that in general, this was by far the WORST moderated debate. From softball questions ("What's your greatest weakness?") to weird questions (asking Bush about Daily Fantasy Sports) it was a bad night for CNBC all around. 


"My grandfather came here from Hercegovina when he was 16. He had the address of a family friend in New York City and heard a rumor that there was a concrete plant somewhere in New York that hired Croatians. There was, but as far as I can tell he never worked there. He worked odd jobs, moved around to the homes of distant relatives and friends of those relatives, picked up some skills, picked up some English, and even hoboed around awhile, riding the rails from city to city. He faced abuse, violence, bosses who essentially extracted forced labor and never paid him. He changed his name from Jozo to Joseph to try to fit in. He found work at a quarry and married his boss’s daughter. He had my dad and learned to like baseball and American beer. My dad worked his ass off, and was as American as you are German, despite the swarthy looks and Croatian name. My very white, Mayflower-descent grandmother told my mom to never marry a Catholic. She did anyway. And now, my sisters and I have families, as American as the proverbial apple pie, two generations from my grandfather emigrating here and being treated as a second class citizen for decades.

And my dad? He thinks all the Mexicans should be deported. When my sister married a Cuban guy, he called him a wetback and warned my sister she’d have black babies.

We’ll never, ever fucking learn"

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+Wade Arthur takes on the +Chicago White Sox Franchise Four 
It's not an easy task when MLB has a flawed ballot, but we took on the +Chicago White Sox Franchise Four regardless. See who made the cut!

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Big things ahead for the two tech giants! 
"Hey Google, it's me Twitter. I know things didn't work out last time but I've been thinking about you a lot and wanted to know if you want to give this thing another shot."

The rekindled relationship between Google and Twitter mean big things for everyone involved – including your marketing efforts!

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