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So I'm curious, how do people handle supplies for Skills. By which I mean, lines like this (from p. 138): "A haggler can use an abacus or scales created by an alchemist, or forgeries created by a criminal."

I can see a couple (not necessarily mutually exclusive) ways to interpret that:

1) Players with the proper skills (in this case Alchemy or Criminal) can create supplies in the camp or town phase (for the appropriate check/lifestyle cost)
2) Supplies can be bought in town based on skill; so buy generic "Alchemy supplies" that can be used to help skills such as Cartographer or Haggler (and others that list alchemy supplies)

I can't find anything suggesting the effect of supplies, I'd assume a "+1D" bonus on a test, make them consumable, and make them take up a single pack slot. That's my quick, "before my first actual play session" take. Just curious what other people think.

So I'm somewhat new to Torchbearer, haven't run a session yet, currently doing lots of reading. Just checked out the level 1-10 playtest stuff, very cool. But am confused by the "War Captain" ability (Adventurer, Warrior - Lvl 7). Can't for the life of me find any reference to a "hero bonus", "hero weapon" or "leading from the front" no matter where I look.

Someone, please save me from the exhausted & angry conditions!
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