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Bobby Kearan
6'3" long hair, goatee - I am what I am, I'm only me. #IamGraywalker
6'3" long hair, goatee - I am what I am, I'm only me. #IamGraywalker

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Preconceived notions
Paraphrased something I read today... "I have no patience for fake people,
whiny-little-bitches or liars. People whose idea of a vigorous discussion or
argumentation is to belittle people rather than defend your argument. People who are into flag banni ng...

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Changes in Altitude
So.. since last post, I have moved to Saint Louis, MO.  I am not dating anyone... not sure why.  But, I do have a good job and I am Loving it here.  Getting back to myself a bit more every day.  Although yesterday (Valentine's Day) was pretty hard to get th...

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Distilling Patience
I'm not sure who or what is in control of my life right now, but I am fairly certain, for better or worse, it is not me. If it were up to me, right now, I would be living in the Saint Louis, MO area, enjoying a more social life, pagan shops, comic book shop...

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Leaves and Lives
I burst forth into life, clinging to the limb high in a tree. I grew, gaining life and giving life doing my part. I held on to the limb through high winds through blazing heat, ups and downs Over time I grew tired. My green faded. I learned to let go. I bec...

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Yeah, I don't like being required to listen to Prayers
So, this has been a while coming.  Recent Facebook conversations have got me thinking about why I feel offended by being required to listen to, if not participate in, Christian prayer in order to attend just about any supposedly public event. I've been thin...

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How to make a Vista Print Yard sign Step one - go to Vista Print's Yard Sign page ( Click Here )   "Browse our Designs" is already selected. Step two - pick a size by selecting the circle next to 'small' or 'large'   Click Continue. Step three - Select desi...

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The Confederate Flag
I grew up seeing the Southern Cross confederate flag (a stretch of one of many confederate flags ) as a symbol of Southern Pride, doing the right thing, having a little fun - and the Dukes of Hazzard kind of good ole boys - never meaning no harm.  For me, a...

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From deep in a hole....
So, times are tough.  Moving to the Travel Trailer to lower expenses has been, oddly enough, expensive. I've exhausted about everything.  Surprise repairs on the Travel Trailer, the Truck and my mouth have taken their toll and what I had thought would be en...

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On Poverty
WARNING: Very disjointed post.  Inspired by a meme featuring a quote from Bernie Sanders about poverty  and comments from facebook. One reply to this was : " Three solutions. Finish school. Wait until you're married to have kids. Get a job, any job. Problem...
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