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John Stephens
divergent Friend, artist, husband, father, designer, tabletop gamer
divergent Friend, artist, husband, father, designer, tabletop gamer

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Excavation Record Sheet
A resource for players who realize that their character sheet might not have all the answers

Old school games are more like Minecraft: start with basically nothing, punch a tree, and make your own tools. Your assets include the whole dungeon and the whole world around you.

So, I decided to make a "character sheet" for that, something the whole party could use while they are exploring.

Here's my first draft:

In tabletop play, it could be a real sheet with space for mapping on one side and the T.R.A.P.S. info on the other. (The T.R.A.P.S. framework was something I ganked from Ryan Stoughton.) (I really should have put that first, though.)

For online play, I'd have it as a Google Doc (or something like that) and make sure everyone has edit access. I'm planning to playtest the idea tomorrow.

What do y'all think?

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Happy Thanksgiving, Free RPG Download!

I am thankful for the years of inspiration and fun shared by the mostly reasonable, friendly, and creative gamers I've gotten to know here.

As a small way to give thanks, I'm sharing the latest playtest PDF of my game Twisted Tunnels:

Twisted Tunnels is a raw and simple game of madcap dungeon heists inspired by Ken St. Andre's Tunnels & Trolls—especially the 1975 1st edition.

Feel free to share the link, download, and play!

May you have a peaceful and relaxing Thanksgiving! And if you're not celebrating today, have a great day anyway. You're still included in my thankfulness.

What happened to +Jon Salway's post about the logo? I wanted to come back and see where the conversation went.

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etc_query question: How can I avoid having my self-closing XHML-tags transformed into unclosed tags?

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Hey, I'm curious if anyone ever found an elegant solution to this:

Back in 2010, when +Phil Wareham created the thread, I think it was possible to bypass Textpattern's file_download URL schema, but I think that changed for security reasons when the files directory got its own .htaccess.

When I posted in April, I forgot to subscribe to the thread. So I missed Phil's reply until now. Sorry, Phil!

Does anyone know if there's a way to configure Textpattern so that the files it serves can be opened in the browser?

CC: +Stef Dawson , +Robert Wetzlmayr , +Jukka Svahn 

What is the most convenient method to report typos?

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+Stef Dawson, I have a question about smd_query: Does it support anything similar to <txp:if_first_article>…</txp:if_first_article> relative to the query results?

I have a query that runs on my search results page—

—and I wanted to add a heading above the results if there are any. I didn't see anything like "if_first_result" in the documentation, but I wanted to check with you before trying to hack something unwieldy using txp:variables, electrical tape, and c4.

Thanks in advance! I hope this message finds you well!

Advice needed: Upgrading old site from Txp 4.4.1 and MLP

I got a call about an old site on Dreamhost that is running Textpattern v4.4.1 with MLP (l10n) v4.3.0.12. It also uses glz_custom_fields v1.3.0, bot_write_tab_customize v0.7, and several supplemental plugins.

After Dreamhost recently upgraded PHP to v5.4, the site was flooded with error messages and Textpattern was unusable. The error messages were labeled "Strict Standards: Non-static method", and most called out MLP. When I downgraded to 5.2, the error messages disappeared and Textpattern is functional again.

I want to upgrade the site to use the latest stable version of Textpattern, MLP, and glz_cf; and I will probably upgrade many other plugins too.

I have upgraded TXP hundreds of times for other complicated sites, but this is the only site I've worked on that includes MLP. What I want to know is how I should order the upgrades and what special instructions would apply to this upgrade. I imagine it will be a thorny one, and I want to do everything possible to mitigate complications and make it go as smoothly as possible.

Thank you, Textpatrons!

#txp441   #upgrade   #mlp  

Maximum file size of uploads

One site I support publishes MP3 audio files. So far, I've had to upload every file via FTP and "claim" it in Textpattern's Files panel. I know I can increase the maximum file size using Advanced Preferences, but I'm curious what the tradeoffs are.

Is Textpattern better or safer with a lower max file size? Is FTP just more reliable? Can anyone else who publishes audio using Textpattern comment on their preferences?

+Stef Dawson, you're a musician right? What do you say? 


#file_downloads   #audio   #mp3  
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