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John Stephens
divergent Friend, artist, husband, father, designer, tabletop gamer
divergent Friend, artist, husband, father, designer, tabletop gamer

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Hey, I'm curious if anyone ever found an elegant solution to this:

Back in 2010, when +Phil Wareham created the thread, I think it was possible to bypass Textpattern's file_download URL schema, but I think that changed for security reasons when the files directory got its own .htaccess.

When I posted in April, I forgot to subscribe to the thread. So I missed Phil's reply until now. Sorry, Phil!

Does anyone know if there's a way to configure Textpattern so that the files it serves can be opened in the browser?

CC: +Stef Dawson , +Robert Wetzlmayr , +Jukka Svahn 

What is the most convenient method to report typos?

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+Stef Dawson, I have a question about smd_query: Does it support anything similar to <txp:if_first_article>…</txp:if_first_article> relative to the query results?

I have a query that runs on my search results page—

—and I wanted to add a heading above the results if there are any. I didn't see anything like "if_first_result" in the documentation, but I wanted to check with you before trying to hack something unwieldy using txp:variables, electrical tape, and c4.

Thanks in advance! I hope this message finds you well!

Advice needed: Upgrading old site from Txp 4.4.1 and MLP

I got a call about an old site on Dreamhost that is running Textpattern v4.4.1 with MLP (l10n) v4.3.0.12. It also uses glz_custom_fields v1.3.0, bot_write_tab_customize v0.7, and several supplemental plugins.

After Dreamhost recently upgraded PHP to v5.4, the site was flooded with error messages and Textpattern was unusable. The error messages were labeled "Strict Standards: Non-static method", and most called out MLP. When I downgraded to 5.2, the error messages disappeared and Textpattern is functional again.

I want to upgrade the site to use the latest stable version of Textpattern, MLP, and glz_cf; and I will probably upgrade many other plugins too.

I have upgraded TXP hundreds of times for other complicated sites, but this is the only site I've worked on that includes MLP. What I want to know is how I should order the upgrades and what special instructions would apply to this upgrade. I imagine it will be a thorny one, and I want to do everything possible to mitigate complications and make it go as smoothly as possible.

Thank you, Textpatrons!

#txp441   #upgrade   #mlp  

Maximum file size of uploads

One site I support publishes MP3 audio files. So far, I've had to upload every file via FTP and "claim" it in Textpattern's Files panel. I know I can increase the maximum file size using Advanced Preferences, but I'm curious what the tradeoffs are.

Is Textpattern better or safer with a lower max file size? Is FTP just more reliable? Can anyone else who publishes audio using Textpattern comment on their preferences?

+Stef Dawson, you're a musician right? What do you say? 


#file_downloads   #audio   #mp3  

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Good day, Textpattern mates!

I need some gentle guidance through the dark valley of PHP to reach the sunlit vistas of a new plugin:

I summon the Istari: +Stef Dawson +Jukka Svahn +Robert Wetzlmayr, but I welcome advice from anyone with insight into this question.


#php   #plugin   #plugin_development   

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I just posted a query on the smd_bio thread, but that thread hasn't been updated in a while, and I'm mindful that the problem I have might have something to do with my PHP configuration rather than the plugin.

Here's the issue:

Does anyone know how I could troubleshoot this? Can anyone else using their Mac's default PHP setup comment on whether you've seen anything like this? Thanks!

[CC: +Stef Dawson]

#php   #plugins   #troubleshooting  

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Circle Management

Hi, folks!

TLDR: I'm opening two new circles to discuss peacebuilding theory and conscious business. Let me know if you want in. ;)

I'm creating two new circles, and I want to take this opportunity to sort people into the circles that best suit their interests. This might also help you put me in your appropriate circles, whether for common interests or to mute my posts. I try to share what I publish here only with folks who might be interested; so if you added me a while ago and you never hear a peep out of me, I probably didn't know where our interests overlap. Feel free to let me know what circles you'd like to join!

The picture is my friend and mentor Tom Fox, my boss at Whole Foods Market for several years, before he retired and joined a humanitarian aid group in Iraq. At the end of 2005, Tom and several coleagues were kidnapped outside a mosque in North Baghdad. Seven years ago last month, he was murdered after being held captive for four months. His coleagues were rescued two weeks later.

I'm trying to start writing again, and two of the major themes I want to develop are interests that I shared with Tom. Like Tom, I am a Quaker— a member of the Religious Society of Friends —so I am a Christian pacifist with a strong interest in universalism, ecumenism, and interfaith dialog. But we also worked together at an idealistic company that proclaimed high standards for product quality, vendor relationships, team member empowerment, and authentic customer service— standards we took very seriously —and I'm still interested in the vital role conscious businesses can play in building a better society.

The two circles I'm adding stem from that connection:

Civil initiative discussion: In this circle, I'll be posting comments, queries, and discussions about peacebuilding. I'm especially interested in the Gandhian tradition of nonviolence, and the legacy of Jim Corbett, a champion and intellectual architect of the U.S. Sanctuary movement. Although I am a web architect and designer by trade, my degree is in Justice, Peace, and Conflict Studies. I am trained as a mediator and experienced as a facilitator for a conflict transformation training program for schools and prisons, and I used to teach at an interfaith peace camp for youngsters.

Some of the topics that may come up in this circle: rule of law, human rights, peace theology, and peace education. I'm not a radical. I'm just interested in critical analysis and developing a disciplined intellectual framework. You can find out more about my take on civil initiative here:

Proactive peacebuilding is a priority that has not diminished in import since Tom's death, and I think it's a shame that Corbett's conception of civil initiative is missing from the contemporary conversation. One thing I'd like to do is unpack the ideas with simple, clear, and practical illustrations. In light of recent events, it seems imperative that I get back to it.

Conscious business discussion: In this circle, I shall post commentary and queries about conscious business from a Quaker perspective. I'm starting with book reviews— including some books by Friends, and some books by authors active in contemporary conscious businesses. I'd love to explore this theme with other students of organization, economics, and business history, which are topics I have not studied as closely as those above.

Some topics that could come up in this circle: creativity, entrepreneurship, cultural innovation, servant leadership, trust and trusteeship, trade, economics, fostering flow, professionalism, and building positive-sum relationships. The first book I'd like to discuss is Servant Leadership by Robert K. Greenleaf. You can find out more about my take on conscious business here:


I'm also a husband and father and lapsed comic artist. I don't write much on those topics, but feel free to include me in your circles. Up to now, most of my activity on G+ has been hobby-related: I enjoy games that were once associated with moral panic. I'm currently learning Dungeon World, but I also love the old-school classic Tunnels & Trolls along with a bunch of other games. If that's all you're interested in, don't worry— though I might make occasional updates like this, I don't plan to flood my Public feed with serious stuff.

But all of this is part of me, and if any of it sticks in your craw too badly, you might want to put me in your muted circles.

Let me know if you'd like to get in on any of the circles I mentioned!

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Undeclared martial law, dancing to terrorists' tune, ... and we applauded
I think I'm one of the few people disturbed and unhappy by how the manhunt was run in Boston and by how few people even questioned if any of this was legal.  Or what precedent we just set.

The media, who should have been loudest in questioning these actions, used the polite term "lockdown" to describe what was an undeclared martial law.  When you shut down all transportation, close businesses, tell citizens they must remain inside their homes, and bring in the armored vehicles - that's martial law.  When you search people's bags and demand their ID because they are walking on the street - that's martial law.  When you "ask" people for "consent" to search their homes by sticking your foot in the door and using intimidation and fear - that's martial law.  Taking a US citizen into custody and not reading him his rights and interrogating him without right to council AND planning to use what he says in court - is far past martial law.  

A pair of terrorists do a heinous act and we oblige them with wall to wall 24 hour coverage.  We magnify the effects of the act by forcing a major US city to completely shut down.  We further do the terrorists job for them by spitting on the 4th and 5th, (and possibly 6th) amendments in the name of public safety.  Hell, we didn't just dance to the terrorists' tune, we added an orchestra.

I have no problem with the police, FBI, SWAT officers.  They, for the most part, were trying to be as polite and focused as possible.  They put their lives on the line and one of them didn't make it.  If there was a manhunt for a very violent criminal taking place in my area and the police showed up and politely asked if they could search my home for the suspect, I'd most likely let them.  If authorities asked me to stay off the streets so they could more easily locate a dangerous criminal, I'd most likely comply.  What I object to is how the city officials pretended to ask for voluntary actions on the part of citizens, but their actions made it plain it was anything but voluntary.  I object to doing the terrorists' job for them by shutting down an entire city, causing more disruption and fear than the original act caused.  I object to the passive way we now accept voiding our rights, as in Boston or at any airport or our online data (CISPA passed the House, did you know that?), because the government tells us that's what we must do to be safe.  The Patriot Act, Kill Lists by our President, Drone attacks, suspension of Due Process ... and now martial law in our cities?  Is this another step along the path of The New Normal? 

Every citizen is protected under the constitution, no matter what they have done or what person the authorities are searching for, or we are no longer the United States of America.  The terrorists won this round (again) and we helped them and then applauded.

And want to know the sad kicker to this string of events?  The 19 year old suspect wasn't found through these illegal actions.  He was found by a homeowner who went out to check his property after the undeclared martial law was lifted.  

More photos here, tell me this is what we really want? :
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What is the best way to allow "Managing Editor"-level users to add and edit "Freelance"-level users?

#textpattern   #user_management   #admin  
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