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G+ is getting worse and worse. I'm not following Time Magazine, but their insipid posts appear in my All Circles stream. I guess if you pay Google enough, they'll let you spam everyone's stream.

You're losing me, G+ 

OMG - I absolutely HATE the G+ update for Android. Posts display far less text before the jump, AND it's hideous. It looks like MySpace threw up on my screen. 

Some Root Sports NW producer decided it would be a good idea to label their post-game montage of Mariner slugger Jesus Montero's at-bats with the heading, "HEY ZEUS!"

I'll take a stab and say that Jesus Montero is a Christian, so maybe nicknaming him after a pagan god is something he'd find offensive.

Clearly they opted for that because they didn't think they could get away with, "JESUS CHRIST!"

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Two turntables on a bicycle. 

If Republicans want to convince us that their war against women is just a media invention, maybe they should stop doing stuff like this.

Yesterday, Scott Walker signed a multiple bills hostile to woman: one that prevents enforcement of Wisconsin's equal pay law, one banning abortion coverage from insurance exchanges, one dictating the nature of the doctor appointment for women seeking abortion, and one mandating that sex education stresses abstinence.

Welcome to 1950!

What in the name of all that is holy were the Marlins thinking when they commissioned this abomination for their new stadium?

In case you like your political commentary in parable form:

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Another reason not to raise your kids in the South: The Tennessee Senate approves a bill that allows teachers to tell your kids that global warming and evolution are hoaxes.

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Nasdaq breaks 3000. Say what you want about Obama's economy, but it's been good for shareholders. Meanwhile, Romney prays for economic collapse.

This is amusing: Romney delivering quotes of the character Data on Star Trek TNG.
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