Monoprice i3 2nd wire to fail, heatbed positive at terminal, probably another bad crimp like the ground at the power supply that failed a while back. It actually finished the print in this state, somehow. The bed kept to temp as the connection overheated. Examining it separated the solder connection, just fell apart.

I have heard I can connect the bed positive directly to the PSU as the switching is in the ground wiring? Can anyone confirm that and maybe describe it? Board seems to work but I don't want to try and clean up the bed heater +V pad on the PCB, it is very messed up on top under the terminal plug.

I only asked it to do 80c bed for a 3 hour PETG print. I am sort of surprised I did not think that was such a huge load even for the infamous Wanhao/Monoprice wiring.

Thinking of just getting a new board, since I apparently must replace all the wiring :P

Would warranty it, but it's so modded and braced returning it to stock for return would be a serious PITA, as would then reinstalling all the frame brace mods and realigning a new unit that is likely to have just as bad of wiring and need all that replaced as well anyway. What would you do?
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