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There is but only ONE Church!
All labeled religions are false. Including Christianity. But the Scriptures in the Holy Bible are TRUTH. So did I just make a contradiction? Not at all. The Christians take from the Holy Bible. But they are nothing more than a modern social club. Churches. ...

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Modern Music, Movies, Video Games, News - EVIL!!!
Modern music is a form of incantations. As sensational as it may be, the way it makes you feel has little to do with its true nature or reason. Yes. GOD gave us music. But music long ago did not resemble that of today. Long ago when there was a lack of tech...

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FOCUS should be your MIDDLE NAME!

Anyone who has listened to business seminars will often hear them discuss the word FOCUS. They will tell you that is the secret to success. So how does that apply to life in general? And why am I posting this in a Christian forum?

The reason is bec...

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Be Active
Are you physically active? You need to be. Ever notice when you are less active physically, your mind becomes even more active. You have time on your hands. You think, think, think. Thinking has it's place. But it is always the beginning of something. But i...
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