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Life passes in an instant as roses wilt.
Life passes in an instant as roses wilt.

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Diary: So Done With SAT And Life
   I am mad, and disappointed, and tired right now. Never in my whole life did I work hard for something that didn't bear anything. Never until now. My head is a mess (my whole life is a mess) and I don't know where to start fixing it and that is if I even ...

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All Kpop: EXO Posters *UNBOXING*
   Annyeong, blogbear! As promised, I am going to make another entry. Wow! 2 entries in one day! Czarina, this is too much! I know, I know. No one's going to read this anyway so I might as well get to the point.        This was actually a Christmas present ...

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Rambling #2: Watermark!
   Hello there, blogbear! It's me again! It's 12:36 AM ryt now and guess what? I am still up. I just finished reviewing English and I am happy to say the lessons were easy. Yehet! I just hope it flows like that 'til the end lmao!    Okay, so to the main poi...

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Diary: The SAT Struggle
   Holla Koala (I am pretty sure a Koala isn't a bear but meh)! How are you all doing? I feel like I am just talking to myself since I have 0 followers and I am pretty sure no one is going to read this (I am a lonely bear - hug me!). I, czarinabear, am goin...

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ALL KPOP: BigBang Light Stick Version 3 *REVIEW*
   Hello! It's me again, your bear cub. Y'all know I am just new, ryt? And tbh, I really can't sleep because of all this "blogger fever" (don't worry it's just something totally made-up). So, I figure I'd utilize this hype into something productive (or at l...

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Rambling #1: Czarina The Bear Cub
   Hello blog world! I am czarinabear and I am still a cub. I am new here and I am still familiarizing myself with everything - from the buttons and its functions to the blogging environment (not only am I new to this blogging site, but I am new to the blog...

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