As you can see on mainpage of, the TOP sections (Most popular and Most downloaded) are crowded with amazing cliparts from user 'gnokii'. Let me introduce him to you.
His name is +Sirko Kemter, he is from Germany and he works as graphic designer at opensource projects very long ago. For example, Sirko was main artist in OpenSUSE Linux design team. Sirko, as 'gnokii' contributed to OCAL many-many fantastic cliparts — take a look in his profile →
Now his workhorse aka laptop is pretty outdated and slow, so his friends started Pledgie campaign to support him and bought a new laptop, so he'll be able to deliver even more masterpieces to FLOSS community!
For every 10€ collected, Sirko will publish a clipart on OCAL, 30 are published yet under this campaign.
So enough words! Take a look at his works and judge yourself - is this guy deserve some support or not. And if your answer will be "YES, for sure!" - consider the possibility to donate few bucks!

Cheers, guys and girls!
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