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Michael C Clarke
Consulting Engineer: Infrastructure Development and Resource Management
Consulting Engineer: Infrastructure Development and Resource Management

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Shale-gas and oil exploration likely to move ahead in WA's Canning Basin - a positive result for Australia's Energy Security
Good News - Buru Energy will not be hampered with unnecessary formal environmental assessment related to fraccing, since the EPA considers that the fraccing will likely have minimal effect on the environment. In other words the EPA has accepted that the fraccing of deep shale resources will not effect aquifers as claimed by environmental activists. This development is good for all shale-gas/oil explorers and developers. For the Canning Basin and the Kimberly it offers the possibility of a substantial new onshore petroleum industry with domestic and international sales potential.   #fraccing #shalegas #shaleoil  

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Is Australia to lead the shale-gas/oil boom outside of N. America? Matt Chambers of The Australian writes that it could be so, quoting a US expert!
The trouble is that Australian regulators are starting wield their power to severely restrict the use of 'fraccing' shale strata that contains the gas and oil. They are confusing the relatively shallow Coal Seam Methane (CSM) resources where fraccing may result in the disruption of aquifers with deep shale resources, where there are no aquifers to be disturbed. The regulators must differentiate between the use of fraccing in CSM resources and shale resources.

As to Chinese shale-gas/oil resources they are so extensive that given time and the commitment of sufficient capital and expertise, China must become a giant in the unconventional petroleum business. #coalseammethane #shalegas #oilresources  

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Black coal mining in Pakistan
In 2007 I undertook a consulting assignment that looked at the potential for black (hard) coal development in Pakistan. One area visited was Hangu in the Lower Orakzai Agency region. The coal is contained in narrow steeply dipping seams that are accessed by tight inclined shafts.

In Dec 2012 a mine explosion killed 7 and injured 50.
 #coalmining #coalminingpakistan
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Energy Security in Australia
Germany's and indeed Europe's energy security woes are described in an article from The Australian that I have posted about earlier. The over-reliance on renewable energy sources is one cause of the failure to achieve energy security. This paper tackles Energy Security in an Australian Context, however strong international relevance exists.

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Ventilation Air Methane (VAM) Destruction, lowering the carbon footprint of underground coal mining
 The Five Crocodiles of Ventilation Air Methane (VAM) Destruction #VAM #ventilationairmethane

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Gas-to-Liquids and Coal-to-Liquids (Slideshow)
Australia is running out of liquid transport fuels. In this paper, presented at the Future Liquid Fuels for Australia seminar (Institution of Engineers, Australia, Brisbane, September 20, 2011), Mike Clarke reviews available unconventional fuel sources, and discusses their conversion into liquid transport fuels and their role in meeting Australia's future energy needs. (This video brought to you by .) #fuels #fuelsources #liquidtransportfuels  

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