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The last Versailles stream will be at 5am NZT tomorrow! Let's finish off this thing!

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Whew! even though we had a minor stumbling block, where my twitch account was suspended because the stream wasn't gaming related, that was very fun! We will be continuing the marathon tomorrow, same time, new location.

I'm doing a 6 hour marathon on of the first 20 or so episodes of Rose Of Versailles starting at 6am NZ time tomorrow, in preparation of my latest review! Don't worry about being late, It's all in good fun!

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Hey, what was that, you missed my latest proper review? Well then, get on to remedying that, I quite liked this one! 

Ace Attorney is done! you can see it early now on my patreon page if you contributed! You know what I might do to celebrate? I might just play some Phoenix Wright! XD 

Nearly finished the Ace Attorney review!

UPDATE: Some health issues have just reared their ugly head. I won't go into detail until we have a full diagnosis, but this basically means that my social media deadline is now before noon NZ time, and I will receive only one punishment per month if I miss a deadline. Hopefully it's nothing too serious, but it may affect productivity. I can say that it's not cancer or any terminal illness, though. Stay tuned!

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Sometimes you jut need to stop and relax...

I'll have to mass post this morning so that no one's left wondering: I was not able to get my review up today, so I'll have to take a punishment. Those who have signed up on patreon will be able to vote on what's coming to me soon. Hopefully the review will be up next week.
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