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Johan Zietsman
White haired ex fly-fisherman and bow hunter, part time cook and photographer. Now full time sailor and adventurer.
White haired ex fly-fisherman and bow hunter, part time cook and photographer. Now full time sailor and adventurer.

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Tropical Pilaf With Chicken
Living here in the Western Cape we are surrounded by the Cape Malay style cooking, in a geo-culinary way. Which means that we literally have access to all the ingredients that make up the Cape Malay menu. And we are not really expanding our domestic menu. N...

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Best chicken korma I've ever had, thanks to my intrepid Indian sailor friends.

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Soul Food on A Cool Night: Chicken Korma
I had the privilege recently of  having a long discussion about good food. Almost as good as eating the same. This time around it was a lively discussion around food on board. A passion of mine. The company consisted of myself and a bunch of sailors from In...

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A new year, a new recipe. This one for the new year with new horizons.

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Boeuf Bourguignon in Cape French Style
It has been a while since my last posting. Nursing a torn shoulder muscle saps away one's energy like nothing else. This injury put a serious crimp on my sailing activities. However, it is a new year and time for another cooking adventure. We have high summ...

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Another keeper from Maria Nasir.
Fast and tasty.

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Repost for the wintry weather setting in here in the Cape.
Winter food to warm the cockles of your heart.

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On Being A Food Snob
Often-times, one hears about a person being a food snob. Specifically food bloggers. I never cared much for such talk, being rather laid back about criticizing other people's efforts. Everyone has a right to do as they please, including preparing food. Unti...


The Hungry Sailor blog has now hit the 100 000 visitor mark.
This without any additional advertising.

Many thanks to my faithful readers.

Your humble servant,

The Hungry Sailor

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Real Men Do Not Eat Quiche
  Real men don't eat quiche. Indeed. This was the title of an article in a girlie magazine way back when. The idea was reiterated recently in a local beer ad here in South Africa that had it that real men don't drink pink drinks. The idea probably rides on ...
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