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My first attempt at running g-code to my cbeam machine xlarge.

Currently I'm using the xPro v2 controller with all the grbl settings pretty much at default.

Looks like my spoiler board isn't fully level.
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Just finished another run right before having to step out the door to head to a doctors appointment. Will post a picture of it later
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Check out the 2:55 mark roughly. They show them using what seems to be aluminium extrusion and tee nuts for part of the construction. Really interesting to see them using that
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In theory I've got an idea on how to create a virtual set that could be used during live streams of a show using +Open Broadcaster​ studio and a video chat program as well as a something like gimp to create the virtual set. This way you and hosts or guests can appear as of you are in the same place.

Create a set using your favorite image manipulation software.

Now clone the desk to a new layer with transparencies around the rest.

In OBS studio import both images into a new scene with the full background as the lowest layer and the desk by itself above that.

Both guests and hosts need green screens for the next part.

Using chroma key insert both people to appear on the show in the same scene as the desk by put there feeds between the full background and the desk only image.

This should work but I haven't tested it. If you try it please let me know how it goes

+DoorToDoorGeek​ I think this could be a interesting way for you to step up the production value of your shows
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I agree, and I want to do more video
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+Tracy Holz​ this might be useful to you
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Found this show while searching for information about bits to use with the c-beam machine xlarge. This episode seems to have good info describing different bits
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I'm going to be setting up a raspberry pi 2 to act as a controller for my +OpenBuilds​ c-beam machine xlarge. I only have a monitor with a VGA input currently to spare to this use. Any recommendations on a cable or setup to help get this working?
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+Matthew Williams I don't think there is much to it, but I am not a EE.I have read a little bit on it (very little). I know I have some cables that do that sort of thing an there is nothing in there but wire. I would be surprised if there much of anything in those cheap dongles.... now ya got me wanting to bust one open.
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I'm getting closer to having my c-beam machine xlarge up and running, chemo cancer a surgery to implant a pain pump followed up by a biopsy have severely slowed me down.

One thing I'm looking at doing after getting up and running is to surface, I think I have the correct term here, the spoiler board. I've been looking at magnate surface planning bits to accomplish this. Does the diameter of the bit matter much in this process other than the time it takes to complete this job?

Also any recommendations on how to generate the g-code for this?
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I use a 3/4" bit off ebay. Under 10$. You could use a 1/2" if you had to.

Create a cad file of your spoiler board as a pocket (so extra walls around it) with the dimensions of your max travel sizes. Tell it to cut 0.05mm with a 60% step over size and as fast as you can 
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This looks like a fun build to make for kids
LordDrachenblut shared a video
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+Ronald van Arkel That's how I learned not to put fingers in there. I expect my kids will learn the same way.....

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