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shawné michaelain holloway
new media artist and scholar, chicago, ill.
new media artist and scholar, chicago, ill.


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shawné michaelain holloway

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february 25
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I am @cleogirl2525 !! =D

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1) Here's my map " (lmk if this doesn't work for you, i'm using french flickr hahaha)

Anyways, I just wanted to find stuff people are not generally able to see.

2) I'm actually going to choose to not participate in the recipes because I feel uncomfortable fiddling with my social media flow. However, if I were to, I'd create:

> Post on Soundcloud > Post to twitter > Post to Facebook
> Use Girlfriend's Iphone Location > Texts me when he's 5 min away
> New article on Feedly > sends me email

3) Of the examples and other data mashups you came across, which were your favorites?

Actually, Instead of my favorite-- I'm really curious as to why these are called mashups. Aren't they actually just visualizations?

What kinds of data and meaning has emerged as a result of processes like these?

I think the self generated data is cool. Electively displaying data is important because it is contributing to a pool of larger, flowing data.

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eshun talks about nullifying black identity into fuzzy spaces via technology ~ with browser music, i try to bring out the identity of the technology into fuzzy spaces by using the performer as mediator of it's sounds and flows in effort to discover the voice of the browser window

this track is made with 0 licence free sound noises recorded straight into audio hijack pro and leveled in audacity

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The spectrum of which these applications / sites operate speaks directly to the diversity of how humans digest information. It’s a scary world out there where all the data sets in online can be used for equal parts positive or more convenient digestion of information as well as examining the landscape of important cultural phenomena. Personally, I don’t learn well with this form of news visualisation on a daily basis ~ especially the msnbc, metadata organization/personalizaition portal, but I feel these sites are important part of the landscape in pursuit of a more generalised awareness of what can be done with data and why. Gimmicks aside, signing into these things is a dark road toward unknowingly enslaving ourselves to data selling services. More than the mashup, these visualization websites call attention to the ebbs and flows of coded internet data aggravation and its shiny web interface used to perpetuate and market a service’s profitability.

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helloooo ~ i'm shawne! i'm an internet and performance artist based in paris france. you can see my work @, if you like.

i'm one semester away from graduating from the mfadt program there. i'm interested in mashup/remix culture for it's decolonizing properties and its habit of rejecting capitalist interest.

my link is to a project i was recently involved in called "REMIX PARTY!" curated by birmingham, uk based digital artist Antonio Roberts aka hellocatfood. we were encouraged to thumb through a museum digital archives and remix the images as we pleased. they were then displayed in that same museum in the spirit of upcyclry and artistic solidarity.

my contributions can be found in the following links:

looking fwwd to working alongside you all ~ * !
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