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Business Owner. Teacher.

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I attended a video training course via Meetup recently. This is a video by Chris Cromwell, @Creative_Crom, our instructor/facilitator for the day. In the video he tells his story of himself and what triggered him to became an entrepreneur. Great guy. Great story. Worth listening to. Only 2 minutes.

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If the age of advertising is over, why do I still see so many ads?

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Hi everyone,
Wow, what an evening. Great stories.
Thanks so much for your support and promotion.
You are all fantastic.
It was a wonderful success.
For the next one I'm thinking we should reserve a fire pit at North Glenmore Park and have it there.

Hi everyone. We are getting some good traction. Alex has about 21 people signed up from her Meetup group. Well done. I have about 15 people coming from various sources. 
Please do another social media blitz this week and the final one on Monday or Tuesday next week. 
Hope to see all of you at Melrose - story in hand or memorized!!
This is going to be tons of fun.

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I found a place to host the event - Melrose Cafe. No charge except people have to buy drinks while telling and listening.
I contacted Eugene Stickland and ask him to be our lead off storyteller - he agreed. He charges but Anduro will pick up the free.
I set-up a page on Eventbrite:
Let me know what you think. 
Send me a note about any suggestions or changes. 
Next step will be to start promoting the event but I`d like your feedback first.

I'm looking at renting the Hillhurst Community Hall. I'm stealing the idea from Alex K since that is where she held her Storytelling for Social Good Unconference. But to book the place at $50 per hour we need to have a not-for-profit organization involved. So I contacted Shannon Bowen-Kelsick. She knows everything about non-profit organizations. 

As expected, she had a bunch of questions which I'll try to answer:

Interesting... what type of event is it? 
> It is a storytelling and story listening event.

Who will be there? 
> Not sure really - people who love stories and want to tell or listen to stories. See notes in previous posts.

What is the benefit to the NonProfit? 
> We can raise money or increase awareness or both.

And what type of NonProfit r u looking for? 
> Any NonProfit that is interested and is willing to let us use their NP number so we can get the discount.

I guess there is no cost for the NP?
> No cost for anyone really. This time round, Anduro will pick up the cost of the room and the cost for at least one special guest, Eugene Stickland. 

Is it aboriginal (storytellers)?
> I would love to have an elder come and give an opening prayer. And it would be fantastic to have an elder tell a story or 2. I have a few contacts which I can try. Does anyone else have any suggestions of people we can contact in this area?
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