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Check out this video on YouTube:

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Just started having my only student roster in Google Docs. I'd like to add student pictures to this.  I'll have to figure out how to best do this. Maybe upload pictures to my website with student IDs as identifiers.

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For those times you just need to get your research on on the go.

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Something to try when you get bored of a winsor.
new tie knots
For Design inspiration visit
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Anyone in Korea had to deal with the Skype homepage recently? Check it out. It's not being redirected to

Something in the Telecommunications Business Act evidently led to the necessity of a Korean company to take orders. You can guess what the outcome is if you've had the pleasure of using most of the checkout options on Korean sites. The quote below is from a forum post quoting Daesung on a support question regarding someone's inability to pay.

'"Telecommunications Business Act" of Korea prohibits the marketing and the sales of paid telecommunications services by companies that are not registered and authorized to conduct telecommunications business in Korea.'
' security systems most commonly adopted for the commercial transactions over the Internet in Korea may require some ActiveX plug-ins to be downloaded and installed on your browser. Since ActiveX is only supported on Microsoft Winodws OS, we must advise you to logon to our website in Windows environment.'

I look forward to using this page in the future.

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Bush Obama love child? 
Barack W. Bush

When G-dubya launched The War on Terror, the world winced as America launched head first into a bloody campaign that would last the best part of a decade.

When Obama, the arbiter of peace and prosperity, took to the stage, the world leapt to its feet in support of his moderate foreign policy.

Yet in his use of covert drones, Obama is waging a bloody counterterrorist campaign that makes Bushie’s boots on-the-ground approach look like a schoolyard scrap.

Or so the critics say...

This infographic puts the extent of Obama’s covert drone war in Pakistan into context

But what do you think?

Join our upcoming Versus debate: ‘America’s drone campaign is both moral and effective’ on 27 February 1900 GMT and have your say!

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Easy info graphic for advanced Google search
Google Search Cheat Sheet.

Edit:  Thanks to +Jeff McGrath for this link with even more info:
Click on it to enlarge.

Yet again, I'm going to give G+ another try.  It's so easy now since I have Android, I might as well.  I still wonder if anyone else is following their G+ stream.

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I'm enjoying this approach to vocabulary learning.  While it is a small part of my language learning strategy in the long run, it is a significant part in the short run.  I'm only learning words used in the book that I'll be studying from.  At least then, I have a fighting chance of understanding something and being able to hobble together responses in class.  In the end, this is survival ;-)

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Along the lines of something I posted the other day.
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