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Sounds like the trip of a lifetime.

Via +Adam Liss​
Okay, with context this time.

"I love power!
And cheeseburgers."

-- 6yo, on the restoration of electrical service... And dinner.

This kid has it all figured out.

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Yes, the idea that we're feeding candy-derivatives to cattle is unsettling. The idea that they are seen as nutritionally equivalent to corn implies... Skittles are functionally a vegetable?

Something's wrong there.

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One of the reasons I switched from Samsung's Galaxy line to Google's Nexus is that they held the promise of faster OS updates and a longer tail of updates. Now the Galaxy is moving to Android 7 and my Nexus is still running Android 6.

W. T. F. Google?

So... My Nexus 6 is still on 6.0.1. I never received the update to 7, and I haven't been updated to 7.1 either, despite joining the beta program. My message to support got a reply that just said "we roll out updates in stages." And that's not helpful.

Anyone have an inside connection who could provide some sort of insight? It sure sounds like other people have been on Nougat for a while now and I'm just getting overlooked.

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A wild Snow Fairy appears.
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You know how, when The Great Evil is entering the world, the previously clear blue sky is suddenly darkly cloudy in just one spot, great gusts of wind whip the trees around, and huge rain drops splatter everything? But everywhere around it's still calm, blue skies? And then it suddenly stops raining and clears up?

That totally just happened, for real. Right over my house. I guess now I have to keep the attic door locked for the rest of my life, just in case. Wouldn't want to let that out.

Glitter manufacturers will be the first against the wall when the revolution comes.

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I've seen this via multiple shares here. I haven't even read the books, but these alternate titles are still amusing.

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This (and +Yonatan Zunger​'s re-share comments[1]) kind of help explain why I get a lump in my throat when I discover a path traversal or SQL injection vulnerability. Someone has committed a mortal sin and I'm going to have to get to the bottom of it, atone for their sin. Perhaps the elation at finding the root cause of a system failure is the closest I'll ever get to a religious experience?

+Yonatan Zunger: […] because you believe in [social/political/legal] systems, and the ability of systems, when well-designed, to generate good results.
me: ugh, partisans. hate, hate, hate when people fuck with the system for partisan gain
+Yonatan Zunger: exactly. People are messing with your infrastructure and PEOPLE DO NOT MESS WITH YOUR GODDAMNED INFRASTRUCTURE, THIS STUFF IS DELICATE:
me: gerrymandeirng is a sin. amen.
+Yonatan Zunger: do you understand just how deep a religion of systems it takes to say something like "gerrymandering is a sin" as a spontaneous utterance?  ☺
me: … no? this seems self-evident […]

So apparently I'm religious after all, albeit with major self-awareness lacunae? (Maybe I should get that as a church creed…)
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