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Maybe you're not very much a fan of crappy rootkits running on your Android device.
Want to know if its present or not?

Check out this new application of mine:
− and please be kind, It's only 4hours old

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I'm proud to announce the release of Voodoo #ScreenTestPatterns 2.1, available for free on Android Market:

This version is now compatible with every screen size and will help you measure your display characteristics with HCFR or other tools.

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#VoodooScreenTuning updated to snapshot 41: display #SuperAMOEDPlus hardware revision on Exynos #GalaxySII (mine is: SM2 A1 line)

I'm in the process of messing seriously with the driver − about brightness, gamma points and color profiles. This might become handy to know which hardware rev. is concerned.

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#VoodooReport updated on Android Market to version 3.4.2

Using different parameters for OpenGL detection avoids crash on broken implementation (like some obscure Marvell SoC and hopefully new HTC phones as well)

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Alright, I updated #VoodooReport to 3.4.1 on Android Market.

New feature? not really but now back button works as expected. It seems it was a big letdown for everyone, I'm so sorry for that :D

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#VoodooScreenTuning R&D updated to snapshot 39 on Android market: fixes +Samsung Mobile USA Epic 4G detection, thanks Rolly for the report ;)

Today almost each of my apps require rooting, often work only on specific devices - because depending on specific hardware features.

Hopefully this won't stay like that forever. My goal is to become capable of reaching a lot more more people.

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