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What's On Your Nightstand - July & August
Last month I was up in the air on a plane when I realized that I didn't write my What's On Your Nightstand post for July. Since I was heading on a short visit with my parents and then taking my kids to a big Youth Convention I decided to just wait until Aug...

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What's On Your Nightstand - June
  As I predicted in my last post June was a very busy month for us. We had a month full of baseball, my parents and in-laws were here visiting, my husband and I had to attend a retreat for a couple of days, my son, Chantry, turned 15, plus our local homesch...

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What's On Your Nightstand - May
  For June: From April's Nightstand I read: Becoming a Woman of Influence by Carol Kent - This was a great read about mentoring other Christian women as they cross your path. Birds, Beasts, and Relative by Gerald Durrell - I came across The Durrells in Corf...

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5 Days of Homeschooling Essentials - Day 4: A Schedule
  I will admit that I'm a fly my the seat of my skirt kind-of gal. For the first 1 1/2 years of homeschooling, which I only had one student and we used a lot of workbooks,  I did our schedule off the top of my head. Of course this finally led to major frust...

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Wednesdays with Words (The Virgin in the Ice)
My quote comes from The Virgin in the Ice by Ellis Peters, the sixth book in the Brother Cadfael Series. I found this quote to be a beautiful reminder of the ebb and flow of life that continues on no matter how good or bad our world/life seems to be--just a...

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What's On Your Nightstand - April
  I have survived April (well, most of it) and my kids have completed their competition and now life goes back to normal. Even in all the busyness I was able through 6 books, thanks to one book having three combined in it. It still may take me a week or two...

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What's On Your Nightstand - March
  I had a great month of reading in March, but we won't talk about my lack of sleep. April is a big month for us--baseball starts, my youngest will turn 9,  and my older kids will be competing in a competition doing poetry, expressive readings, preaching, p...

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What's On Your Nightstand - February
  Oh, February where did you go? Into March I go hoping to to get a little more non-fiction going and figuring out what I want to read for fiction. I am feeling very stymied. Hmmm, that may be sign to put a little P.G. Wodehouse on the list. He is always my...

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Wednesdays with Words
     It has been quite a while since I contributed to Wednesdays with Words . I am currently reading Simply Classical: A Beautiful Education for Any Child by Cheryl Swope and came across this quote  and I wanted to share.

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What's On Your Nightstand - January
  My January started out with a fast being called at church and we needed to pick something to fast for two weeks. Well, I was really stumped since my parents were coming to visit so that made food items kind of difficult. I ended up "fasting" fiction books...
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