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Easter begins: Alleluia
Experience teaches that death wins. Experience teaches that life is what you make it, so get what you can while you can, because it will be over soon. And the Easter message says, “ Really? How can you be so sure?” Death is real. We humans are not immortal....

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Easter Eve, grief and prayer
This last day of Holy Week is Easter Eve or Holy Saturday. It is the day after Good Friday. On Good Friday Christians remember Jesus' crucifixion. Tomorrow the great celebration of Easter begins but if we try to rush into that joy too quickly I think we mis...

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Good Friday: The Killing: a poem
For reflection on Good Friday here is a poem by the Scottish poet  Edwin Muir (1887 - 1959) THE KILLING That was the day they killed the Son of God on a squat hill-top by Jerusalem. Zion was bare, her children from their maze sucked by demon curiosity clean...

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Remembering with Friends
One of the great joys of life is sharing a meal with friends of family. Today is Maundy Thursday, a day when Christians remember Jesus' 'Last Supper' with his friends. In particular we remember Jesus' command that he gave to his  friends, that whenever they...

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Palm Sunday: a day to remember
Earlier today, as Christians met for Palm Sunday worship, there were 2 bomb attacks on Coptic Christian churches in Alexandria and Tanta in Egypt with many killed and injured. Even as Christians around the world were singing Hosanna, murderous intentions we...

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Sign of Dying and Rising
One way to really hear a Bible story is to imagine being one of the people in the story. When reading the gospels I sometimes try to put myself in the shoes of someone who was there, who saw, heard, smelt, tasted and felt it all. What follows is my imaginat...

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Outside St Paul's Cathedral, London, is a memorial bust of John Donne sculpted by Nigel Boonham and unveiled in 2012. John Donne (1572 - 1631) was a Dean of St Paul's. He died on 31 March 1631 which is why the Church of England commemorates him today. John ...

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Candlemas 2017
Today could be called the last look back at Christmas, the day when some people clear away any Christmas decorations still around. We are now 40 days after the day of celebrating the birth of Jesus. What is celebrated today in the Feast of the Presentation ...

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Baptism of Christ: The 1st Sunday of Epiphany
Jesus often surprised people. He did not conform to what people expected of him. In his first appearance as an adult in the gospel accounts he joined the repentant sinners asking to be baptised in the River Jordan by John the Baptist. John wanted to prevent...

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Feast of Epiphany: wise men still searching
6 January is the Feast of the Epiphany which starts the Epiphany season which follows the 12 days of Christmas which ended yesterday. The celebration on 6th January focuses on the story in Matthew's Gospel of strange outsiders from the east, the magi, peopl...
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