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Two Christmas letters sent from the Trenches to Ballyshannon families during World War One  
Anthony Begley speaking at a talk on           local memories of  World War One  and the Battle of  the Somme  to a capacity crowd in the Imperial Hotel Ballyshannon  November 2016   (Donna Martin)    A Happy Christmas and New Year to you from Ballyshannon,...

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Without a doubt the most unusual event that ever happened on Christmas Eve close to the Mall Quay. LOcal places named include The Abbey Mill/ Castle Street/ The Bar/ the Port/ Finner/ The Mall/ Inis Saimer/ The Market House/ Castle Street/ Bundoran/Kinlough and Ballintra.

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Christmas Eve in Ballyshannon the most unusual event ever
The scene of an act of piracy at Ballyshannon on Christmas Eve 1846 Local
History book available in Local Shops or for Postal Delivery. Ideal Christmas
Gift . " Ballyshannon Genealogy and
History" available to purchase in The Novel Idea, Ballyshannon Museum...

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Falgarragh Park Ballyshannon officially opened 1936 also the Falgarragh Horse Racing Course
Opening of Falgarragh Park (now St. Benildus Avenue) in 1936. Sean T. O'Kelly,  later President of Ireland , seen here on the right,  under the umbrella,  in the centre, officially opened the housing scheme. Cecil Stephens, Town Clerk, is the man  carrying ...

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Take a trip down memory lane and enjoy Christmas shopping in Ballyshannon 125 years ago. Lots of holly, evergreen, decorations and window displays. Check out many changes in the town, that come with the passing of time.

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Christmas Shopping in Ballyshannon in Bygone Days
Ballyshannon in the snow Journey through the streets of the  town  over a century ago, and enjoy the Christmas shopping in Ballyshannon and see can you recognise  any shops named below .  Check out ten or more trades and industries and services which were i...

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A woman in Ballyshannon was in Dublin during the 1916 period and has left an account of her time there. Read about what she witnessed and how she was a courier bringing messages to Michael Collins. Meanwhile her husband and uncle back in Ballyshannon were founder members of the Aodh Ruafh G.A.A. club. Read about her life in this new research done to commemorate the 1916 Rising.

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A woman in Ballyshannon remembers the 1916 Rising period in Dublin
Susan and Cecil Stephens The
fascinating memoirs of a lady who spent the greater part of her life in
Ballyshannon, reveals the role played by her, in events in Dublin during the
1916 period and later, and are now published for the first time. Susan O’Daly,

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Ten interesting short memories of Ballyshannon poet William Allingham who died on this day.
"And so to where I wait come gently on." W. Allingham

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Ten Interesting Local Memories of William Allingham, the Ballyshannon Poet, on this day 18th November
Allingham’s Final Journey to Ballyshannon 1 .        On the 17 th November 1889 in his home at
Eldon Road in Hampshire, England,  as he
was in a weak condition, William Allingham,  was asked if he had any request to make, he
replied:  “No, my mind i...
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