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Dyeing with Impatiens Balsamina - probably
A couple of years ago, I was sent some seeds marked Jewel Weed, as part of a dye plant seed swop with a lady in America. Looking up the name online I was delighted to read that Jewel Weed enjoys damp shade, since much of my garden provides exactly that. The...

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Coreopsis Tinctoria Dye, Modifying pH, Adding Iron and Copper
I first grew Coreopsis tinctoria plants and started dyeing with them in 2013 and I've been saving seed to grow them again every year since. I'm sure that when I started, the flowers were mostly yellow with deep red centres, just a few plants having petals e...

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Dyeing Wool and Silk with Dyer's Chamomile Flowers
Several days of great heat in late June covered the Dyer's Chamomile plants in flowers and bared the bones of my companion, Elinor Gotland. Looking very chic with her fleece freshly shorn, that ewe lay out baking herself in the dye garden. I marvelled at he...

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Cultivating and Dyeing with Weld Plants
The Plant Dyes for All Seasons Calendar project for June is all about dyeing with weld plants sown in early spring. While I have previously had weld produce flower spikes in its first year, this year, my seedlings have only just grown big enough to be plant...

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In the Footsteps of Sheep by Debbie Zawinski - Review
A signed copy of 'In the Footsteps of Sheep' by Debbie Zawinski came to me as an unexpected gift at such a fraught time in my family that I even forgot to send a thank you letter. Life has only really settled back toward normal recently and as is the way of...

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Spinning and Knitting Space Dyed Wool Tops
"Of all the dyed tops you could have chosen, from all the stalls at Wonderwool Wales , tell me, what possessed you to pick that grey and brown?" My companion, Elinor Gotland, was more partial to the hot pink stuff also dyed and sold by  MandaCrafts .  While...

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Dyeing Yarn with Silver Birch Bark in a Long Colour Change
Not long til we go to Somerset for Spinning Camp. So much to look forward to, not least the promise of a turn at weaving a shawl on a friend's seven foot triloom. In preparation, I went digging through my stash, searching for 400 metres of double knitting w...

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Leaf Hammer Prints Overdyed with Iron and Meadowsweet
Last year, I tried hammer printing leaves onto mordanted silk and then dyeing the fabric with iron solution added to a plant dye bath. The pretty green prints on white silk turned into much more drab, dark shapes on a tea coloured background. However, these...

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Needlefelting Wool and Silk Mermaids
I have been gambling on a frost free May this year. My most advanced young plants are already braving the weather out in the dye garden and another load of seedlings are  hardening off  on the patio. This week we have had plenty of rain after a very dry spe...

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Making Leaf Contact Prints with an Iron Blanket
The arcana of the ecoprinters seem Byzantine to the facebook observer. The images they post of leaf and flower prints on silks and cottons are lovely to admire while drinking tea in front of the computer, understanding the comments exchanged below requires ...
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