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Will Police Chief Raymond Kelly Run for Mayor?

The political rumor mill is abuzz with news that New York’s most famous police officer, Police Chief Raymond Kelly, will throw his hat into the mayor’s race. A police chief turned mayor would be a first in New York legislative history. It is rumored that Roger Ailes is among one of the high profile conservative donors urging Kelly to run. Although Kelly’s term has been marked by scandals on police quotas and the stop and frisk policy he remains popular in the city. Although he is not in the race officially many people view him as the only serious Republican candidate. No word from Kelly whether he is planning a run.
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Assemblyman Vito J. Lopez to Resign

Amid a drawn out sexual harassment scandal Assemblyman Vito J. Lopez will resign on the last day of New York’s legislative session, June 20th. For many politicians and constituents however, that date is not soon enough. Fellow Democrats City Council Speaker Quinn and Governor Cuomo have called for Vito to tender his resignation effective immediately. The voices calling for resignation grew louder last week when a more detailed report of the allegation against Lopez was published. Assembly Speaker Sheldon Silver, who is accused by some of covering up Lopez’s crimes, has also called for his resignation. So far Lopez has not indicated that he will resign.
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NY Ethics Board may Relax Rules

In what may be seen as a counterintuitive move, the NY Ethics board is contemplating easing rules on political gift giving and disclosures. The legislative intent of this bill is to tamp down rules deemed too onerous by some politicians. The bill will likely face stiff resistance considering the recent corruption scandal in Albany. Recent polls show that New York residents are fed up with political corruption and cronyism. Any changes to existing regulations that are perceived as enabling corruption will have a hard time becoming law. Barley hours passed after the new law’s announcement before people began voicing their dissatisfaction.  This piece of legislation may be dead on arrival.
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City Mayoral Race Heating Up

It seems like the campaign season starts earlier every year and 2013 is no different with several prominent New York politicians actively campaigning. Former New York representative Another Weiner, who was forced to resign amid a scandal, is testing the political water as he contemplates a redemptive mayoral bid. Meanwhile City Speaker Christine Quinn has been in full campaign mode for months. She has the benefit of name recognition but as the front runner she has already been subject to attack ads. Recent corruption scandals have left many New York voters jaded with the political process. The 2014 mayoral race will undoubtedly by an interesting chapter in New York legislative history.
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Scandal Strikes NYC Mayoral Race

New York City’s political elites are embroiled in a scandal of massive proportions. Allegations have emerged that large sums of money were steered to various county-level party leaders for a spot on the primary ballot for NYC mayor. New York’s legislative history is checkered with incidents of corruptions but a scandal so brazen has not been reported in over a decade. This could call into question the integrity generated by local government officials for a long time to come. It may also lead to new laws and regulations relating to financial disclosure, corruption, transparency and more. Our blog will bring you updates on the scandal.
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