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Advancing Educational Excellence

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NEW from Fordham: Redefining the School District in Michigan

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Check out the Metro D.C. School Spending Explorer to see the per-pupil expenditures at the school level for D.C. area schools

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Check out Fordham's new report, The Hidden Half: School Employees Who Don't Teach, at
The Hidden Half
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Join the Fordham Institute for a panel discussion on the future of the school principalship and strategies to make it more appealing and manageable for topnotch leaders—as well as more effective for students.

Register to attend in-person or online

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Lacking Leaders: The Challenges of Principal Recruitment, Selection, and Placement

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The wise wonks’ hierarchy of charter school quality

Over the past three weeks, Fordham’s Flypaper blog hosted the charter school wonk-a-thon, an exercise in punditry and policy analysis that exceeded all expectations. (Congrats to our winning wonk, Joe Siedlecki of the Michael and Susan Dell Foundation.) Let me ambitiously attempt to synthesize the major arguments into a unified theory: the Wise Wonks’ Hierarchy of Charter School Quality.

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We're hiring interns for the fall in research and communications/development. Apply online! 

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How the U.S. Stacks Up: FIFA versus PISA

What do the education-policy world and the sports world have in common? For one, Americans are rabidly passionate about both. What’s more, both really love rankings. And you think we’re bad at soccer? We’re even worse in education.

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#OntheRocketship: Expanding the high-quality #charterschools  movement

Join the Fordham Institute for a conversation with Whitmire and a panel of experts about his book, the Rocketship network, and the future of charter schooling. 

Book signing following the event:

On the Rocketship:
How Top Charter Schools are Pushing the Envelope
By Richard Whitmire
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