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We love the web and all the simple, amazing, positive thinks you can do with it, so we are here to help you use it to your heart's content.
We love the web and all the simple, amazing, positive thinks you can do with it, so we are here to help you use it to your heart's content.

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// Web Designer Position
We are still looking for someone with skills, taste and a passion for the web, grids, CSS, UIs and pixel-perfection... Is that you, reading?

- A discerning eye for pixel-perfect design
- Design skills worth bragging about
- An online portfolio that showcases your awesome design skills
- An understanding of good, modern web design principles
- Proficiency with design software such as Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, etc
- Experience hand-coding semantic markup (HTML + CSS)
- Must be up to date with standards and be following the advancements with HTML5 and CSS3
- Ability to work remotely
- Strong communication skills for succesful collaborative work

- Fast, proactive learner
- Capable of working independently to get stuff done; take both initiative and direction
- Comfortable giving and receiving creative critiques
- Maddening sense of responsability
- Stalker of the latest cutting-edge web and mobile technologies

- Create designs for web projects adhering to corporate branding guidelines
- Effectively present designs to clients
- Code designs with clean, sematic markup, using HTML/CSS (Familiarity with CSS frameworks is a plus)
- Optimize graphics for production
- Create reusable UI components 
- Work closely with the dev team for high quality implementation (Familiarity with source control systems is a plus)

If you can rise to the challenge, we would love to hear from you :D E-mail us at
Subject: Web Designer - your-name
- Answer the question: Why do you want to work designing for the web? (required)
- Attachment or link to your portfolio and CV (required)
- Twitter username (optional)
- Website URL (optional)

[Update 1]

Why work with us?
Get to know all about us in this post:

Les escribo para informarles que en Codemera buscamos expandirnos y necesitamos varias personas. Antes de describir las posiciones disponibles, una descripción de nuestra compañía. 
About us
Les cuento que somos una compañía bastante atípica... Aquí no hay horario o jefes o burocracia (bueno un chin cuando es inevitable, and we hate it). Y una de las cosas que más apreciamos es que la gente se lleve bien. Muchas veces hemos rechazado gente que es muy buena técnicamente pero que que no se adapta a la dinámica del equipo. Así mismo valoramos muchísimo el ser independiente y responsable porque sino no podremos confiar en ti y tu trabajo. We pay on an hourly basis and we expect you to work around 100hrs per month. That's about 5 daily. Why so little? Well, because we expect you to only log the time you are working and not when you are doing something else. We believe it's a fallacy that people work 8hrs per day, no one really does that, people just spend 8hrs a day every day at work... not necessarily working.
We expect you to consider us as your main source of income. You can work with us on the side while starting, but we most certainly don't want people to use Codemera as a "source of picota" or "pa' completar"... However, we won't expect you to quit your job until both of us are certain you will be good with us.

What we do
We do software, mainly web centered. Anything from simple websites to complex websites, to full internal management systems to client facing data rich apps. Recently we have been doing mobile development, but that's new stuff really.
What you'll do
You will basically work in 2 projects at a time: your main project and a backup project. However,  from time to time anyone from the team may request for your help in some other project.

We value each person's strong points, so be sure to showcase your expertise at the interview, because if you are great in X we'll try to find you tasks doing X.

You’ll evidently need to know english and be able to switch without issues. We normally talk in spanglish internally, and it's not rare to see each part talking in a different lang. We do that a lot and expect you to keep up. Given how many international clients we got, that's a minimal requirement.

It's everyone's dream to work from home and being totally free, but not everyone is able to actually execute. You will learn that you need to be very organized and self-disciplined.

The process
The interview process includes a digital interview via a thread of emails and another one in person. Whatever we decide, you will hear from us soon after, and we will let you know if we did/didn't pick you and why.

*Caveat, #FYI *
Before considering working with us you need to be aware of some basic logistics requirements: You need good hardware, a home office and a back-up plan (in case the internet or the electricity fail you). Alternatively, we offer you a membership to a co-working space as plan B… You can go there whenever you want, but most of us are too comfy at home to go regularly :)

Why work with us
The upside is that you can be any place in the world, live life and still make a living working in what you love. We have people outside of DR working with us and in "ei cibao". You just need a very reliable internet connection and a good sense of responsibility.

We manage to offer very good salaries despite all the confort and we plan to keep it that way because you need to have a life and then a job, not a job that's your life.
We really are friends and get along great, you’ll love us, we’ll love you... most of the time, when pranks aren't being pulled :)

… Codemera's probably something completely different from what you have tried, but in a good way and we hope you get into it for the long run. 

About the team
Currently we are 10 people: 1 designer, 1 product manager by day / copywriter by night, and the rest devs (1/3 frontend the rest backend, and then we specialize into more specific areas which you will know later). We love to specialize so even though we are all capable of working on many areas of a project we tend to assign people the type of work they love and are good at.

/ / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / 

Available Positions
So after that very long introduction, for those of you that aren't sleeping, here's the actual list of positions we are looking for, in no particular order:

- Javascript Dev
We need one of those crazy people that think Javascript will rule the world. The type of dude that actually defends that poorly specified language and enjoys debugging obscure bugs without a proper traceback. Yes, I'm biased, I don't like JS but it has it's purpose and a lot of things we need to do can't be done with it. Don't worry I really respect you for being that crazy and I know we need people like you. We will not be as crazy as to run node.js as a backend process, but we are full on frontend heavy tech. Backbone.js is something we are using a lot lately. As well as require.js, JqueryMobile is also a nice tool to have. And of course JQuery and it's plugins are used in the simpler projects. If you are a JS person this is the position for you.

- Web Designer 
We are also looking for someone with taste. You know the type of gal or guy that just loves to have things harmonize and is always looking to feel proud about how good they made a certain project look. We need someone that will get upset when I don't see the difference between the two fonts they used as a test for that frontend. Someone that A) knows about print design, makes logos for breakfast, applies color palettes to just about everything and isn't afraid to hit an animation-related job or B) knows about UI design, CSS3, HTML5 and even knows JS. In a perfect world you will own both skills sets, but yeah we won't hold our breaths. The B skill set is the most relevant, with emphasis on having taste. The A skill set is equally wanted but you'll need to be up for the task of learning UI design and ultimately slicing up your own designs.

- Sysadmin
We are looking for someone that is so good at what he does that we think he is stealing our money. Someone so good at dealing with server BS that has everything so automated that there is nothing more to do. DNS servers, software upgrades, shared hosting or dedicated, AWS, rackspace all that stuff. Postgresql is a must as we run a ton of stuff on top of it. And experience with MongoDB will be nice as we are running some new stuff there. We also have an automated deployment tool which is pretty stable but you will be in charge of maintaining it. We do staging envs for everything so you won't need to go to prod and make a change but if you do you should be confident of what ur doing.

- Jorge's Left Hand
Last but not least I'm looking for a left hand. You won't be able to replace my right hand but we need someone to be an extension of Jorge, either talking to new clients, or generating estimates for them. Or clearing out who is in charge of doing what or when. Or just reminding me not to put xmas dinner the same day we are going to a course we paid like 2 months ago. Someone that can take charge of and generate new things for us anything from revenue to payments. On the other hand u can follow up with clients and tasks internally just to make sure everything is being taken care of properly.

/ / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / 

So that is all for now. If you are interested (or know someone that is) please mail us to: 
subject: Position - Name 
body: whatever you think is relevant.

We are hoping to fill in some of the above somewhere in Jan but if you are worth it we can wait for you. Everything is negotiable really.

Regards and sorry for the gigantic post.

Jorge L. Vargas
Tamer of the Snakes

estamos buscando un pana que nos robe el dinero, una gente que sea tan bueno jodiendo con servidores, DNS y demas yerbas aromaticas que nadie sepa q el esta ahi (digo el xq nunca he conocido a una mujer que sepa de servidores) si les interesa

En dias como estos donde llueve, se va la luz, hay rios en nuestras calles es que realmente apreciamos trabajar desde casa. Las cobijas te abrazan y te quedas ahi, se trabaja luego o mas tarde. Tu vida va alante.

This week we came to the realization that We are looking to hire a Product Manager, rather than a Project Manager.

Why? well because your responsibilities will be to make sure the Product is going the way it should and to the adjustments in order for it to be running smoothly. Your responsibilities if we decide to hire you will be:
- Comunicate with the client to make sure his priorities are properly reflected in the tasks at hand.
- Coordinate our weekly meeting and make sure no road blocks are present for more than what they should
- Analize our current userbase and signal future steps of improvement of the software.
- Audit the task completed by the team to make sure the requirements are met. 
- Plan ahead and coordinate the different milestones that compose our product.

Eventually we'll delegate task that involve sales revenue and profit margins so experience in that area is welcome but not required.

This position does not require coding experience but a candidate that can resolve small bugs is going to be considered a lot. 

If you are interested please send us an email at so we can talk more about this.

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We are looking to hire two new people at +codemera 

If you find this too serious please go read the last paragraph then continue were you left off.

#1 Someone that will learn and manage our development process for a specific client. His/Her job will be to take ideas from a client and turn them into features. That is filing the proper tickets, finding the right person within our team to implement it, supervise the implementation and test the new features. On the other hand he/she will need to analise our current site and find ways to improve it as well as hidden bugs and overall generate more work for our development team. This is not a coding position but good knowledge of the tools of the trade (HTML,JS, python, etc.) is encouraged.

#2 We are looking for yet another dev. This time we are focusing on someone with backend skills and that is able to both maintain existing code as well as provide new features. You will be working mostly on several ecommerce sites we have that are build with Django and Satchmo, however experience in those is not required as those parts of the sites rarely change. That said there is a very big change you can start working on more recent sites as we always pull from our older project people to work on the newer ones.

Both positions as all there is in the company required you to work from your location, have your internet and be selfsuficient, however we do offer the facilities of @pulsocolectivo for full-time employees. We pay for work delivered based on an hourly rate to be discussed with the candidates based on three facts. Amount of time you dedicate to the company, Responsibility with the company, Historic salary. And we provide better salaries than the ave. in the Dominican Republic because we expect our people to be better than the Ave. 

We are a small yet very friendly company, if you don't fit with the team we will probably not hire you and we value a lot that you ask for help and give out help. 

I should also point out you get your own debugging ducky and I should also apologize for making this post too formal we aren't that serious normally...

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We are looking to hire someone else at This time is a entry level dev, python/HTML/CSS/etc. web based :) mail us if interested.

Looking for a mysql DB Admin.

Hello Peeps,

I'm looking for someone with vast experience in mysql. We have a production app that needs some love.
This goes from setting up indexes to finding out problematic queries and sorting out optimizations with our development team.

Sorry no newbies, this is a position that requires people that know what they are doing not that are going to learn on the job. As usual contact me for any more details.

As all jobs at codemera this is an hourly based job, however it requires someone to be close to full time on it. I expect the whole process to last around 2 months.
If things go well we have the possibility of keeping you on as a regular contractor.

Estamos buscando un Sysadmin

Esta posicion puede ser tiempo completo o medio tiempo, todo depende de tu disponibilidad.

- Manejar los servidores (Amazon, Rackspace, Webfaction)
- Deployment de aplicaciones
- Configuracion de DNS, emails, y algun otro hosted service
- Mejorar nuestras herramientas de deployment (Fabric/Python)

Mas info por aqui o a

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Job Offer: Mobile Web developer.

Tenemos un cliente que esta interesado en un frontend JS/HTML5/CSS3 para un project Mobile, ya hay trabajo hecho en el non-mobile web. Y este tiene prototype, aunque no es un requerimiento. El backend es por supuesto Python en este caso Django pero por ese lado se le daria soporte departe del resto del equipo. Aunque conocimientos en el area son bienvenidos.

Esta pos a diferencia de las anteriores es para este proyecto en particular con posibilidad de cuando termine expandir a tiempo completo dependiendo de como nos vaya.

More info with me, figure out how to contact me (as usual)
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