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ok, so my prediction was really off, but seahawks won! :) :)

Seahawks: 34
Broncos: 35
Close Game, one player is injured, there is gonna be a fight, (with Richard Sherman in it) and one coach is gonna go crazy because one of his players are not doing something right. 

The Minnesota Vikings have hired, "Mike Zimmer" as the new head coach. any thoughts on that?

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You Should Totally do It! It Takes like 10 seconds!

its very interesting in the world how people sit around and think about what they want to do in life instead of wasting time, but then, they realize, they are sitting there wasting their life and their time away. get active america

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totally cool!
An Unusual Reading Test!!!

Visit us at for additional stories and pics!

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Minnesota Vikings Will Face off The Pittsburgh Steelers in the Regular Season next year on Sunday September 29th in LONDON! Thoughts?

Kyle Rudolf Wins NFL 2013 Pro Bowl Trophy! Way To Go, Man! You deserve it!

So what is everyone's BIG thoughts on The Super Bowl Game coming up?

who's better? AFC or NFC?!
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