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Jim Deibert
Retired since '09 & enjoying it!
Retired since '09 & enjoying it!

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Well, Lou Murante did it again.  My '04 Toyota Tacoma 4x4 with 155K miles developed a rusty front skid plate/pan....(it was rusted-through so bad, it almost fell off).  I couldn't find any "after-market" pans on the web, & a new one listed for over $300 bucks, so that was out of the question.
Well, I showed it to Lou, & after careful examination, he decided to tackle the job.  He told me it would take some time, but he would fabricate, weld, & 'create' a new pan from the remains that I had given him.
Well he called me & told me it was done, & even promised to install it, "on last Saturday morning"!  What a guy, & what an artist, or should I say 'Metal Sculpture'.
The new pan was painted/under-coated, & it fit right on, like the original.
This is the kind of service that a shop gives that keeps customers like myself coming back.  
Thanks Lou, & "good job"
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