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This is not a sporting weekend you want to miss...

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The Premier League 2013/14: Liverpool title win is written in the stars (it’ll make sense at the end, just read)
So, after a weekend which was meant to decide the destination
of the Premier League title, we still have no real idea who’s going to win the
biggest prize in English football. Shows what we know! For all the talk of Super Sundays, title-deciders and must-wi...

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We need to talk about Kevin
First, an admission. This is ANOTHER Man United blog. Necessary evils and all that. So, Robin van Persie has announced he has no problems with Manchester United manager David Moyes. Which raises one important question: How on earth did someone get a gun int...

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Formula One's step into the unknown
It seems like only yesterday that Sebastian Vettel was crossing the line at the Brazilian Grand Prix to take his ninth straight victory and put the final seal on a season which, let’s face it, was pretty fucking dull. Well it’s back! And like the Beatle’s s...

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Douglas Elder vs The Super Bowl
When I set up this blog exactly two years ago, I did so with the intention of discussing the biggest sports and finding a way to make them trivial, light-hearted and insignificant. Sometimes, with varying success, I have even tried to be funny. Tonight, as ...

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Juan small step for Man...United
First of all, an apology. I'm sorry that I have marketed* my collection of incoherent nonsense as an all-sport blog, when my last few entries have focused almost entirely on Manchester United. Therefore, I'm going to the dignified thing and...continue to ta...

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Things can only get better...right?
Hi everyone, thanks for coming out. Please stop laughing. It is often said that tomorrow, the third Monday in January, is the most depressing day of the year. Which means that, as far as my mood is concerned, things CAN get worse. Could be worse, you could ...

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Do you ever wish life had a reset button? I know I do. Let me take you back four weeks, to the 10th of November, when Manchester United had just clung on to a 1-0 victory over Premier League leaders Arsenal; a win which looked to have ignited an already smo...

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Moyes will be Moyes
A little under seven months ago, as the rain hammered down at an emotional Old Trafford, Sir Alex Ferguson addressed the famous old ground for one final time. While the tributes poured in and past glories were recounted, one small but not insignificant requ...
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