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Ruby Beach, Olympic National Park
One of the best hikes of the weekend wasn't really a hike at all but a short walk down the hillside to Ruby Beach which we hit at low tide. Getting there at low tide is amazing as you can walk quite a way out on this beautiful firm sand and find all kinds o...

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Lake Crescent Olympic National Park
A moment of zen at the end of a long hike in the Olympic National Park. The hike lead to Lake Crescent where we initially parked the car. Got lots and lots of great lakes in the midwest, but tough to get that mountain view in the background.

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Olympic National Forest---Know Your Trees
It is frustrating walking through the forest and seeing all of this biomass around you and not knowing the name of anything. So, as a public service, I will give you the names of the four most common trees in the Pacific Northwest rainforest. From left to r...

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Olympic National Forest
Had a great weekend visiting the Olympic National Forest with Michael Jr. Wonderful hikes and amazing views. If you love trees, the Pacific Northwest is the place to be. What an amazing area of the country.

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Bridal Veil Falls in Cuyahoga Valley National Park
Probably a falls best seen after a rain to catch a bigger flow but a nice falls located at an easy walk from the parking spot in the Cuyahoga Valley National Park. Nice, quiet peaceful spot.

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Brandywine Falls, Akron, Ohio
Here is a hidden gem. Brandywine Falls in Cuyahoga Valley National Park near Akron, Ohio is a fun place to visit. I saw that I had a national park near my hotel and business finished early enough to get there before the sun set. I enjoyed an unexpected one ...

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Old and New on old Route 66
Most of the gas stations on Route 66 are of the normal every day variety or very old  and closed for decades. This one above is old but open, showing lots of signs of life. The one below is more common on old Route 66.

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Route 66 Signs of the Times
Just some random signs of Route 66. The bottom sign is near the Cadillac Ranch where they wanted to keep the graffiti on the cars and not near the road.

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Route 66 Blue Swallow Motel splash of color
When you are a photographer looking for color the Blue Swallow Motel is a wonderful place to visit. Next time you are in Tucumcari, New Mexico, you have to stop by.

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Route 66 Road Trip: The 1955 Pontiac Chieftain V8
The Blue Swallow Motel had all the stops pulled out with a 1955 Pontiac Chieftain V8 in one of the garages and a 1957 Hudson Hornet out front, as shown in yesterday's shot of the day. Definitely, a nice throwback touch in both instances. I thought the hood ...
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