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Mark A. Sucharzewski
Who am I? You be the judge. Ask me a question, any question.
Who am I? You be the judge. Ask me a question, any question.

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I am laundry-ing in public...I was forced to kill our dryer, at home...
This place has been a laundry(Laundrette?)/dry cleaners since at least the Seventies, a few of the machines can attest to that.
Modern Way Cleaners, when I was a child, they had a sign that resembled a gumball machine, to my juvenile mind, anyway, spherical and covered in multi-coloured spots I took for gumballs; pretty sure I thought it was a gumball store...
The one running this place has a bit of a plant fetish, so, that's kind of cool...I'll get some photos afore I leave, then update this when I get back...

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+Elizabeth Bathory 's post made me think of this, for some reason...

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Interesting article.
The construction of the First Temple period marked a transition from nomadic or migrant to a settled and established lifestyle. The Israelite, or Judean, community was no longer mobile, and therefore, the portability of the Tabernacle was no longer a priority. Not only was the community no longer mobile but a monarchy was also established, representing a significant transition in the political and socio-economic way of life. #Jerusalem #Israel #History #AncientHistoryEncyclopedia

Trumpacalypse Now.

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I suppose I should put #NSFW  , but, if you don't know that about #oglaf  yet, I have no sympathy for you.

+Google+ stop switching me to your new layout until I can no longer use the older, preferred one.

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On, now!

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Currently on Turner Classic Movies (TCM).
Classic mad scientist/revenge film, with the added bonus of Lionel Barrymore.

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With all due respect to +Terence Towles Canote .
If you drop now, the song will be peaking about the same time you are...

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Thanks, +Tim Johnson , this is a thing of beauty.
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