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Bonnie Hershey
Passionate about nutrition and helping others to optimal health
Passionate about nutrition and helping others to optimal health

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Are you an expectant mom or know someone who is? Low birth weight is a serious issue but can also be prevented!

Check out my new post: The Low Birth Weight Force Multiplier

#prenatalnutrition #healthybabies #lowbirthweight

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Looks and sounds amazing! Can't wait to try it out this fall.

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Soy protein powder can be a very beneficial supplement for kids and adults alike...HOWEVER...

That all depends on how it's made.

My new post today, Part 3, talks about the nitty gritty processing steps and why they are each important to understand.

Read Part 3 Here--->

My Soy Isolate Series got kicked off a few weeks ago. So if you missed my previous posts, you can find them here:
Part 1: Processing Makes All The Difference
Part 2: Is Non-GMO Enough?

#soyprotein   #soyprocessing   #soyisoflavones   #nutritionforkids  

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A new Blog Series on Soy Isolate Protein: Soy Isolate Done Right

If you've been using soy protein or had questions about it, this series will be sure to give you some grounded, practical information!

The first post in the series:
Soy Isolate Done Right Part 1: Processing Makes All The Difference

Stay tuned for the remainder of the series over the next few weeks...processing methods, growth methods and even some company comparisons.

I hope you enjoy it! Please feel free to comment or leave your helpful feedback.

#soyprotein   #soyisolate   #soyprocessing  

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Ever Need Help Managing Stress for Yourself or Kids?
Our whole last year would have looked a LOT different
without this little product to help us all out.

Check it out on my new post here:

#healthystressrelief   #nutritionforkids  

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An oldie, but a goodie. I've made some updates to this Travel With Kids post

Using our nutrition program, we have traveled for the last 10 years with our kids all over the world--including the crawling stage on Italian trains--and have only had 1 instance where one of our kids was mildly sick. 

Our prevention program truly works, and we rarely miss any of life's important moments due to sickness!

Learn how you can travel with your kids and keep them healthy!

#healthykids   #travelwithkids   #nutritionforkids  

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We loved this blog on Parents Magazine about that it's really like to cook with your kids. The long and short of it: it's not always perfect, but it's always worth it!

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I love having fresh flaxseed on-hand in our kitchen.

To maximize these amazing health benefits, be sure you grind your flaxseed at home just before using it. Grinding releases some of the oils, and you don't want to lose any of that goodness by buying it pre-ground. 

We throw whole flaxseed in the blender with our shakes (and it breaks up really well) and we also use it in yummy recipes,
like our Easy Oatmeal Pancakes---

No need to grind it beforehand if you're using a blender! 

Thanks for the great photo, +Keith Lim !

#flaxseed   #nutritionforkids  

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Mmm…all the colors look so inviting in this dish! I am adding this one to my recipe must-trys for the summer!  
Thank you, Sarah!
NEW! Need more  ways to use up all that summer produce? Throw it all in one gorgeous bowl and call it DONE. These super-healthy, ultra-fresh and colorful California Veggie Grilled Chicken Pasta Bowls are #ontheblogtoday and ready to conquer those Monday blues! #recipe   #california   #chicken   #summer   #pasta   #maindishes   #dinner   #veggies   #grilled  
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