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Mike Brown
Helping people think better and faster at The Brainzooming Group!
Helping people think better and faster at The Brainzooming Group!

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A few ideas for getting things done...when you really need to get things done!
When it's time to get a project done, you may have to weasel a bit to make it happen. The 11 Weasel Principles of Getting Things Done

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Falling down, talking up audience member successes, and being self-deprecating can all open the door to greater audience engagement with audiences.
If you speak in front of groups, but struggle with getting the audience engaged, here are 16 proven ideas to try next time you're in front of a group.

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Here are 59 of the great strategic and creative influences we incorporated into Brainzooming. You should add them to your list!
There's no particular school of creativity that covers everything. That's why we mine many influencers for ideas, and we're sharing them today!

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What's after Facebook, and what does that suggest about your social media strategy right now? Here's our answer to one non-profit exec on that question.
Are you building your social media strategy on a network where someone else is writing the terms of service? That's a problem, even if the strategy is working right now. Here's what you should be doing instead!

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Audiences appreciate a presentation that's customized for them. Here are 6 tips to successfully change your presentation based on what you learn about the audience right before you present.

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What's the real big data dilemma? It's monetization, according to +Bradley Woody Bendle. 
You shouldn't simply be loading up the cloud with big data and figuring that you'll figure it out later! +Bradley Woody Bendle offers three questions you should be asking to monetize your organization's big data.

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A is for . . . the start of our A to Z list on productive strategic thinking!

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People who are closest to community issues can share incredible insights others won't anticipate. The key is providing an opportunity and approach so they can effectively participate.
Don't shy away from engaging a large, diverse community for ideas and strategic insights. Here's how hundreds of people shed new light on digital inclusion.

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A webinar participant asked about the biggest challenges in strategic planning. Here are our answers and antidotes!
Too few participants, too cumbersome, and too much starting over. Those are the three biggest strategic planning challenges we see. Here's what we do to combat them!

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Knowing best practices is fine. Avoiding bad practices is critical. Here 10 of your competitors' content marketing strategy mistakes to avoid now!
Sometimes what you don't do is more important than what you do. This is one of those times. Avoid these 10 content marketing mistakes your competitors are making!
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