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purpose built audio solutions
purpose built audio solutions
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Raspberry PI with balanced output
As a sound system designer you will, at some point, need a source to test your endeavours. Apart from saying 'test one two...'  for ours on an end in a torn SM58 microphone one could also use some music. More pleasant for the people around you and you will ...

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Polishing the proverbial shite?

Needed some pre amp for testing DI's and condenser mic's.
Sounds actually quit decent after recap with some nice blend of silmic, fine gold and muse caps.
PSU and used opamps being not that bad after all.

Had to get rid of some jacks to make room for those input caps ;)
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The coated one..
Hint: ...square waves...
Momentarily designing a club system (playing Deadmau5 for hours on an end ;)
Low end of the fill in/out/underbalcony cabinet design boils down too 2 different 12' frames, very similar in magnitude response, but totally different representation of the emotional content of this program material.

So I did a (open air) distortion measurement of the raw speakers. (No cabinet)
Look at the differences in 2nd and 3th harmonic at around 600hz.
Blue being the coated speaker.
Higher harmonics show a similar difference albeit switched: non-coated being the 'better' speaker.

Now which speaker did I prefer with this (electronic) music ??

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Vintage KT DN332 mod,
Capacitors from Nichicon Muse series, some polycarbon Wima rather then mkm's, PSU caps Panasonic FM.
Swapped TL074 for TL054, NE5534 for OPA37GP.
Didn't change NE5532 on input (character!)
Believe it or not the (idiotic) EQ setting in the picture really does sound!!
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2 proto's of new infill/under balcony/lipfill finished!
Ceramic tweeter, hence the name..
Egg Sound
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My 12 year old showing a unexpected interest in soundenginering made me dig up this vintage piece.
Still working!
And, wow, what a rich sound!
From memory I always had a sonic preference of the 200SR above 200B, 400B and onwards
Now after 25 years this finally starts making sense: besides the typical distortion of the mic preamps I think the bus compression might be the cause.
Now let me see if I can get this to 2015...

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Yup, still soldiering on..

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More directivity for this singer/guitar player.
Also biamped + fir filters
Erwin Nijhoff
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Looks almost like a real product:-)
Limited edition, transformer balanced, class A driven, high headroom DI
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Remember this one??
Airforce with fir for open air theatre projectbwith loads of opera singers..
Hihihi, line arrays, suck on this..:-) 
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