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2012  Grape Harvest  at Fox Fire Farms Winery and Vineyards

The 2012 fall grape harvest at Fox Fire Farms Winery and Vineyards was an exciting time.  2012 had been a mild weather year.  Our biggest problem, severe cold in the winter had been a minor issue. The usual spring frosts that can cut back vineyard yields had also been minor. 
As the fall harvest season rolled around we had a record harvest of Riesling grapes hanging on the vines in the Riesling block.  At just the right time, the sugars in the grapes  was  22%, the acidity was bright and crisp, the Riesling grapes were harvested and promptly transported over to the Guy Drew Winery in Cortez where Guy works his magic with white wines.  (Link to recent Durango Herald and Cortez  Journal  article, “Guy Drew wine is among year’s  most interesting.”) Look for our 2012 Riesling in the tasting room this coming season.
Most exciting was our first harvest of the cold weather hybrid grapes.  We harvested the “Marquette” grapes at an amazing 25.5 % sugar.  Marquette is a French American hybrid released by the University of Minnesota in 2006. A fairly new comer, Marquette is a grape that shows good cold weather resistance and makes very good wine medium body red wine. Marquette has Pinot Noir as a parent on the French side. Our first estate grown and fermented Marquette will be released by the end of 2013.
Also harvested was Coro Noir. Coro Noir is a cold weather hybrid released by Cornell University in Ithaca New York.  It makes a very nice, medium body red wine and is easy to work with in the winery.
We are looking forward to the 2013 season as we are anticipating two white, cold weather grape hybrids to begin production, Tramiette and Vignoles.  Drop by the tasting room; we love to talk about cold weather grape production.

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Flavor Notes from our locally crafted wines.

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January 18, 2013
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