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Andrew Wheeland
Christian, Mac-loving, Board Gamer (and more)
Christian, Mac-loving, Board Gamer (and more)


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Just getting started, but we are here!
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Neat! I'm really interested in watching this show some time. That make's two things now on IFC that I'd like to watch... This and Rhett & Link's Commercial Kings. :-)
Terrific card trick on ITV's "Fool Us" with Penn & Teller.

I love this show! Magicians perform a trick in front of P&T. If they can't figure out how it was done, the magician gets a free trip to Las Vegas to appear in their stage show.

Good reality/talent shows from the UK almost always make think about how a US network would have completely screwed it up. "Fool Us" is about a talented magician performing in front of two other talented musicians, with an experienced, established host who knows when to be a catalyst and when to shut up.

The US edition would have a panel of "celebrity" judges, consisting of two utter dimwits who are just happy to be getting $5000 an episode, and one real magician who's been cast as the killjoy by the producers and who isn't allowed to show his appreciation for the real craft that's being demonstrated onstage.

The performer would have family members in the front row. Producers would craft a story arc for everybody. Each performance would be preceded with a video of the performer's hard-luck story, and how he's been struggling, and how supportive his family has been, and how sick the little kid is, cetera.

And rather than giving the performers the satisfaction and dignity of doing their best work in front of a large audience, the dimwit judges wouldn't let them leave without tearfully telling them that they're the best magicians in the world and they're going to be huge stars and God Bless you for...

Finally: the host would be Howie Mandel, only moreso.

(Sorry, sorry. I stopped watching network shows like this years ago but I still haven't recovered fully from the horrors of the first season of "America's Got Talent".)
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