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The Race
Today is our last day of teacher workshop before summer break.  I always leave school with a box full of curriculum and texts that I want to review and revamp before the fall.  I promise myself that I am going to take a break from school work until after th...

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Taken from Pinterest Author Unknown Spring if FINALLY starting to show its smiling face every once in a while here in Minnesota.  This winter has been really tough on me.  I have felt blah, uninspired, and unmotivated.  Now with the change of seasons underw...

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Cold Day Again?
Students do not have school today for the third time in three weeks.  In Minnesota, this is highly unusual.  Most of the time, we just add an extra layer and head on out.  As a teacher, I am enjoying a day in my classroom.....alone!  Its a time to get caugh...

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I live in Minnesota, and like much the rest of the country, we are in the deep freeze.  With daytime high temperatures not reaching higher than -13, school was cancelled today and it will be again tomorrow.  Since this NEVER happens (and I mean NEVER), I am...

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Photo Cred:  www.  Yikes, where has the time gone?  Between teaching, planning, meetings, and conferences, the school year is almost half over.  I spent part of this year thinking and planning where I want this blogging thing ...

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Parent Teacher Conferences
In recent years, it seems parent teacher conferences have become a drag and a waste of time.  The only parents that participate regularly are those whose children are already getting A's.  The parents I really need to talk to, do not show.  But the post bel...

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Ahhh.....October, so glad you are here.  For me its a month of pumpkin spice lattes, walks in the woods to enjoy the color, parents weekend and my son's college, birthday month for me, a four-day weekend, and of course halloween.  So much to enjoy and captu...
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