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Sexual Attitudes
When we understand that being godly in not simply a matter
of keeping the law, but about having a new spirit or attitude, we begin to
understand that those laws only indicate what the attitudes should be, and are
not themselves the ultimate measure of right...

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Resolving Conflicts
In the Sermon on the Mount, Jesus makes a very strong point
that getting into heaven in not simply a matter of fulfilling a set of rules,
but of having a new holy nature.  One of
the demonstrations of that new nature is a new attitude.   In our day road rag...

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Blessed By Persecution
It is interesting that the passage from Matthew 5:3 -12is
called the beatitudes, referring to their blessed promises, especially since
they refer to the person’s attitude. 
Verse 11 spoke of the blessings of one who is persecuted for doing
right.  In Matthe...

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Attitudes God Blesses
One of the biggest mistakes people make is believing that
the Christian life is about following as set of religious rules.  When we examine Jesus’ teachings in the Sermon
on the Mount, we see that he is teaching us to have the proper attitude.   Improper be...

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Don’t Get Caught Up In Fads And Debates
The God who created the world already knew that mankind
would sin and rebel against him and devised a plan whereby we could be saved,
at great cost to himself because he loved us. 
Our salvation is completely about his love for us, not about our
goodness, o...

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Building A Proper Relationship With God
It is critical that we set the proper example of obedience
before other Christians so that they can experience the blessings of God in
their lives.   If we want to build a good
relationship with another person, we must show an interest in them personally, t...

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Teaching By Example
People tend to assume others are just like themselves
morally.  A thief assumes everyone else
steals, and a liar assumes everyone else is lying.  Today we see this being played out in
American politics, with accusations being flung about in the media and by...

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Qualified Leaders
The churches on Crete had been started by other
Christians.  Many of those involved in
starting the churches were Jews who had been saved, but were driven out of
Israel before they were firmly grounded in the scriptures and still clung to
the Jewish traditi...

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Stay True To The Word
Paul advised Timothy to get rid of unsound doctrines,
realizing that they would only cause confusion and lead to division and
acceptance of sin in the church.  The
teachers that teach them are not focused on God, but their own benefit and are
to be avoided,...

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Human Nature Is Not Good
Contrary to popular belief, people are inherently wicked, as
Genesis 6:5 tells us.  “And God saw that the wickedness of man was
great in the earth, and that every imagination of the thoughts of his heart was
only evil continually.”   God
established certain...
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